Road Kill: Komodo Food Truck

By Ronique Nicole

What I like most about metropolitan cities is that they’re food meccas. Major US cities provide endless opportunities to try new foods from an array of different cultures.

Every once in a while I experience the “perfect meal.” This is a meal where the flavor of every bite penetrates your palate as well as your soul. I reflect back on one of these days when  my world view of the taco had been altered.  If you are experiencing “food boredom”, hopefully this story will entice you to try something new as well.

One day on a food adventure, I came across the Komodo Food Truck.

I had an Asian Marinated Chicken, and a Fish and Grapes Taco. Drawn in by the trucks sleek black and white design draped with a whited out komodo dragon on the side, I decided to see what new food offerings I could explore there. I hit gold.

The Asian Marinated Chicken taco combined deliciously flavored chicken that melts in your mouth, adorned with stir -fry rice, and mandarin oranges. This layer of flavoring is amazing. The blend of warm and cool textures entertains the palate in such a way, I didn’t see it coming.   At first bite you taste the chicken, you keep chewing, and your taste buds go, “ohhh…there’s more” then the smooth texture and flavor of the rice kicks in, then your taste buds again go…..” but no, there’s more, “and then the sweetness of the mandarin oranges kick in, and then, begins a symphony of frickin’ deliciousness in your mouth.

Komodo’s Fish and Grape taco is also a game changer.  They reinvented this shore-side classic by placing on top of a fried to perfection Atlantic Cod a refreshing cool grape and almond salad, to make one damn good fish taco. I was feeling something with this taco, so I ordered some of their Truffle Fries on the side as well, and the combination was great.

The food truck revolution is still going strong in Southern California. I have had my share of nibbles from most, but when it comes to tacos, Komodo’s remains my favorite to this day.

You can find out where Komodo’s is going to be at everyday by following them on twitter @komodofood, or by visiting their website at They also have a Café, located at 8809 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90035, and are open from 11am to 9pm daily.