So what makes peddler’s creamery ice cream stand out and better than the rest?

Edward Belden of Peddler’s Creamery has masterminded an eco-friendly way to make ice creme that taste great. In fact, it’s churned with a bike. But not just any bike, Belden is using the process of making ice cream called churning on a contraption attached to a Fixte frame bicycle in the window of his shop.

Belden’s bicycle sculpture has six wheels, at least five gears and handlebars that spin and turn, flip and shine and sparkle while you pedal to create his delicious varieties of ice cream in just under 20 minutes.

Visit the creamery at any part of the day and you may just catch Belden or any member of his staff getting just the right amount of exercise while creating some of his most delicious flavors.

The artist that made the “churncycle” is a cool sculptor from Chico, California named Greg de Gouveia. A truly incredible artist, he knew what dimensions Belden needed and took Belden’s rough idea and made the “churncycle” incredible.

Before Peddler’s Creamery opened on 5th and Main, Belden had already been churning since last April with a tricycle and its old school maker using ice, ingredients and rock salt. With the ice and rock salt surrounding a canister in the middle, you put all the ingredients in and after 20 minutes riding on the rough streets, the most delicate product would form. Churning the mix does a few things. It helps to redistribute it so that it freezes evenly and mixes in air at the same time.

It’s what they call emulsion.

Yet Belden’s “churncycles” and delicious flavors they produce aren’t the only factors that set him apart from the rest when it comes to ice cream. Belden is a seasoned environmentalist with college degrees in the subject matter. He works for the National Forest Foundation. doing great work getting kids and corporations involved to help restore the forests above Los Angeles.

Conservation begins with each individual with little things like cutting down on waste. At Peddler’s, Beldon keeps everything in his shop, such as spoons and cups made out of  bio compostable materials. On the counter you can find a canister of washable minuture metal spoons used for sample tasting instead of the usual plastic mini scoops that end up in the trash after a single use.

“We’re trying to cut down our waste”, says Belden. “All of that stuff is going to go with our food waste to the compost. I’m hoping it will end up in somebody’s garden in a few weeks or maybe a month.”

Organic Ice Cream only Please!!!

“That’s what it’s about right? We’re trying to help educate our customers about that as well. It’s a process. Trying to let people know that we use only organic products for the same reason. Not because we’re trying to be super exclusive. Really because it’s good for the planet, it’s good for your body and it’s good for the workers.”

Among the top sellers

are salted caramel; Mexican chocolate; we’ve got some unique ones like lemon shortbread and maple pancake bacon (made with vegan bacon of course). And for you vegans with a sweet tooth,  there is a variety of vegan flavors, using coconut milk and vegan chocolate

There is also an underlying joy that comes with what Belden is creating for downtowners. The fact that ice cream and bicycling just may be the two things that everybody can relate to when it comes to their childhood happiness means it’s like putting the magic of childhood back together. And it’s the one job Belden says he can do that will always bring a smile to your face.

During this Art Walk

Peddler’s is going to have Art Walkers help participate by getting a chance to  actually help pedal. No stranger to large crowds, Belden served over 2000 people ice cream at the L.A Street Food Fest. and anticipates the opening of the Regent Theater just a few steps away from his shop.

To find out more about Peddler’s Cremery stop by for a cup or visit