THE TOWER THEATER could be the next and most unique location for Apple Inc. yet if the leasing process of the historic building goes off without a hitch. The Theater at 800 S. Broadway, would become Apple’s 8th location in Southern California.

What is Apple Inc.? You know, it’s that little business that keeps breaking all the records during Christmas and New Year’s. The one that millions of happily seduced Apple product holders would fight and die for, if  you ever tried to trade them your Android. The one that keeps releasing upgrades before you get a chance to fully understand how to use the last model. That one endeavor that started as an unconventional grey and turquoise glow headquartered in Cupertino, CA back in 1976 (the reason why your Iphone automatically lists that city when you access the time or weather for the first time).


APPLE !!!! The company that rose to become a multinational technology conglomerate bent on taking over the world and did so almost over night. The one that’s so powerful it can just up and decide to defy the FBI.

With the visions of masterminds like the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, back when computers were the size of houses and words like OS and Safari still were looked down upon by most who preferred to use terms like DOS and Windows, we, the consumers tried and liked the tiny bite we were coaxed into taking. But now Apple Inc.,  with very sharpened teeth and a relentless appetite for success has decided to take a bite out of Downtown real estate and according to insiders, it’s very, very hungry.

Apple or the broker reportedly representing it, Robert K. Futterman & Associates, isn’t making public statements. But if any of us think rents are high now, just wait until this Silicon Valley giant moves in.

When Councilman José Huizar representing Downtown said he was Bringing Back Broadway, he meant it; with over 250,000 square feet of vacant retail space, some of which are already occupied by the Ace Hotel, Burlington Coat Factory, Acme, Ross, and Urban Outfitters to name a few, not to mention plans to restore most if not all of the Historic Theaters, reestablish the Street Car, and throw one heck of a street party to celebrate twice a year, we are all now headed back to the future

Look at the Tower now, drab…lonely…

From its origins once bathed in all of its grace and glory, Tower Theatre was the first air-conditioned playhouse, designed by architect S. Charles Lee, back in 1927. Its Baroque Revival style and executed in terra-cotta was modeled after the Paris Opera House with exterior features including a prominent clock tower on the exterior which was removed after an earthquake.

Today Tower Theater can offer about 7,500 square feet of theater space and another 7,500 square feet of basement space to Apple. The Tower also has storefront retail that would make for the amazing window displays Apple interior designers are known for.  Coupled with old-time architecture, it’s sure to allow them space for even more creativity.

How long? We’ll estimate between 1 – 3 years, if nothing stands in Apple’s way and nothing is forbidden.