Patina Group’s Cocktails Fit for Emmy Nomination

Inspired by the Emmy’s and in celebration of their 21st consecutive year as the “Official Caterer” of the Emmy® Awards Governors Ball, Patina Restaurant Group has added five limited-time craft cocktails to their restaurant drink menus across Los Angeles and Orange County. Available now until Emmy Award night, September 18th.

Every cocktail has been crafted using some of the most superb luxuries nature has to offer, developed into “home-made” ingredients, spiked with specific, fine liquors, then, presented in elegantly garnished glasses.

Nature’s Elegance

This year’s theme for the Emmy’s balls ensuing as celebrations of the 68th annual Emmy® Awards. Every detail of the planning of these balls has been selectively crafted to conduce emotions of romance, drama, and the enchantment of a luxurious nighttime nature paradise. Four of the cocktails are Emmy-inspired and crafted by The Patina Restaurant Group’s own, mixologist, Evan Charest. The fifth, an official craft cocktail to be served to the stars during the Emmy’s celebrations of 2016, designed by award-winning mixologist, Charles Joly in partnership with Diageo (spirit sponsors of this year’s celebration).

The cocktails, just as the food of the Emmy’s, have set out to elevate the farm-to-table praxis. Downtown Weekly LA had the privilege of joining Evan Charest at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse of downtown LA as he discussed his four Patina Restaurant Group exclusive, Emmy-inspired creations. He walked us through the tasting of his four craft cocktails; “Fish Out of Water”, “Writer’s Block”, “Director’s Cut”, and “The Anti-Hero” and, most excitingly, we were able to taste the fifth, a craft cocktail designed by Charles Joly,” The Impressionist”, to be served for the stars during the Emmy’s celebrations of 2016.

The Impressionist

A unique coming together of Ketel One® Vodka, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Lemon, Honey, and Champagne. Created by award-winning mixologist Charles Joly In partnership with Diageo, this is only one of the Ketel One® Vodka cocktails that will be served for the stars and made available to the public for a limited-time in downtown LA. Maybe its knowing the stars will be indulging at the Emmy’s, but this one made me feel like a star at first sip. It is a very clean looking, classy champagne float served in an egg coupe with a lime peel and edible flowers.

Fish Out of Water

A refreshing, aromatic yet mild flavored swizzle consisting of Bulleit Bourbon, Lemon, Lavender Simple Syrup, Mint, layered over crushed ice in a Collins glass. The garnish (fish out of water) is made up of sage leaves and angostura bitters. Evan described it’s inspiration as light, bright, and just a little bit “out there”, much like the comedy nominations. A variation from the classic swizzle crafted by replacing Rum with Bulleit Bourbon, “home-making” lavender syrup and combining it with fresh squeezed lemon juice, serving the simple, cool flavors over crushed ice, then garnishing it with the bright colors of orange peel, mint sprig and angostura bitters.

Writer’s Block

A little bit more of a bold flavor with its fusion of Ron Zacapa 23 Aged Rum, Lime, Blackberry Syrup, and Champagne. Designing new cocktails is creating a piece, much like a writer, even cocktail designers can run into the very real “writer’s block”. Understanding the pains of writer’s block, Evan created this one in honor and celebration of the writing nominees of the Emmy’s. This creation came to him after three servings of the original draft for this cocktail, he then realized adding blackberry syrup and champagne would make this one pop! I will vouch that this bubbly, tangy, berry flavored drink can open up the inspiration channels.

Director’s Cut

Magnificently fuses up some spicy flavors. Made of Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Thai Chile Simple Syrup, Lime, and White Peppercorns shaken then served up using lime peel for garnish. Inspired by the art of collaboration, conducting, and making many unpredictable parts come together flawlessly, this cocktail has complex and loud components that when thrown into a shaker, pour out a work of art for your pallet that you would have to experience to comprehend. A must try inspired by the directing nominees.

The Anti-Hero

Another aromatic cocktail with a gorgeous deep color and flavor complexity created by pouring Bulleit Rye, Amaro and Blood Orange over a large rock of ice in a good Old Fashioned Glass. Fittingly, the most dramatic looking, spirit-forward drink has been inspired by the drama nominees and garnished with a dehydrated blood orange wheel so as to take on their characters.  Some craft cocktails are created to match meals, but these have been crafted to match the 2016 Emmy’s and can be found at Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, Kendall’s Brasserie and Bar at the Music Center in Downtown Los Angeles, Café Pinot at the historic Los Angeles Library in Downtown Los Angeles, for our neighbors just west at Ray’s & Stark Bar at LACMA, and so the O.C. can get a taste at the Catal in the Downtown Disney District.

The temporary element of craft cocktail drinks is one of their most attracting when done right. Their use of the elements of nature and seasonal ingredients collected from foragers and local farmers make the cocktails unique to each season, each year. It’s the changing aspect that is to be respected and celebrated, as change is, after all, the only constant in life. These drink menus are sure to change after September 18th.