10 Great Places To Celebrate Halloween Weekend

Finally, Halloween is here. This year Downtown shows off its sexy side, as thousands kick off the holiday festivities the best way they know how, as someone totally different. If Downtown has anything to say about it, this Halloween will be even sexier than the last, with plenty of sinful delights, bare skin, hard drinks, and sexy dance floor experiences.

Boulet Brothers @ Globe Theater October 29th

IF you haven’t yet heard of The Boulet Brothers here’s a crash course. And we do mean crash and die, but only if you are willing to be reborn into something fabulous. Okay, ready? Let’s go! The Boulet Brothers are throwing a Halloween party at the Globe Theater, October 29th, and there is little doubt it will be transforming, for you and for them, because one night with the Boulet Brothers, whether you’re gay, straight or whatever is a chance to ascend from the norm, beyond the outer realms of your own inhibitions. Stemming from New York’s underground gay scene the two single-handedly bridged the gap between what was ordinary and what is now, extraordinary when it comes to the art of Drag in Los Angeles. Hot, fierce, dripping with freedom of expression and a great sense of humor, Dracmorda Boulet and Swanthula Boulet quickly went from throwing shows at Miss Kitty’s in Santa Monica to hosting them, taking DRAG performance parties to the next level, gaining a huge following and making hundreds of cameos in the night; dressed and looking almost identical except for their difference in height. Queens of makeup, they are unapologetically gay, with mannerisms easily switching from fun-loving rolling eyes, with slurring girly tones, to fierce incensed divas. Together they are complete with the innate ability to move, react, and present the perfect makeup illusions and creative costuming they have become so famous for. Following them leads to the “darkest parts of DRAG, challenging the notions of masculinity, beauty, and individuality forcing you to face your fears and leaving you longing for a taste of their poly-sexual debauchery. In recent months the two have brought their variety shows Dragula and Queen Kong to some of downtown’s more popular gay bars, where there are no rules and no limits those influenced by the two hyper-sexual dance club costume queens. The Globe Theater is located at 740 S Broadway, 90014.

Stan Lee’s Comic Con October 28-30th

Holy Comic Book Royalty Batman!

The LA Convention Center is hosting the absolute comic book fan convention of the year with Stan Lee’s Comikazi, this Halloween weekend. How lucky is Downtown to have such an awesome venue, fully equipped to house the world’s most beloved Super Heroes and their memorabilia? It doesn’t stop there. Legends who have worked on the illustrations, concepts and scripts will also attend, alongside the voices and TV actors that have dawned the uniforms to heed the call to fight for justice and the American way. Of the celebrities in attendance, the convention will host, Mike Tyson?

Of the celebrities in attendance, the convention will host, Mike Tyson?

Uhhh, yeah, why not?

Don’t worry Batman and Robin’s Adam West, Burt Ward and Cat Woman; Julie Newman will be in attendance, along with a long list of superheroes worthy of mentioning. African-American Super Hoodie Hero, Luke Cage’s Mike Colter will attend. Trekkies rejoice for Michelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura and Pavel Chekov played by Walter Koenig, they are beaming down. Heartthrob Cart Elwes of Bram Stokers Dracula and many others, all guests of honor and available for autographs and photo opps. Truly a comic book collectors dream, the event turns super sexy as hundreds of anime impersonators decide which character to cosplay. This is serious cosplay, with outfits costing upwards into the thousands of dollars.

Charities like Boyle Heights Arts Conservancy will get a boost thanks to Guitar Center and Stan Lee blessing a “Flying V” guitar with his signature and artistic superpowers, sold to the highest bidder. Meet Stan Lee, visit over 200 attractions, attend panel discussions, and party all night log at Club Comic Con with DJ Rufio (from Hook). Also, Cosplay Ball at Club Novo, the following night. LA Convention Ctr. 1201 S Figueroa Street, 90015.

The Goth Ball 2016: October 28th

Here’s another entertainment bar with enough space to actually turn their venue into a full-blown Halloween costume party. The Resident in the Arts District is Downtown’s answer to what happens when you mix an outdoor bar garden, food trucks and a live musical/entertainment stage with a huge industrial warehouse. You may or may not get in without a costume so come prepared. The line up for the night includes Girlfriend: a post-punk and new wave band that explores the darker side of love with a romantic and youthful spirit toward the subject, Nicky Blitz with their propulsive beats and melodic hooks; a perfect blend of 50’s jukebox rock’n’roll, ‘60s LA psych, and the darkest ‘70s electro- pop and 90s grunge rawness can findand Disco Shrine, the half party, half spiritual “dance it up even if you have a broken heart” band, all playing music that demands dancing. 428 S Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Experiment at Clifton’s Cafeteria October 28th – 29th

Leave it to Andrew Meieran to turn a post depression mess hall of charity and Christian worship into a modern-day den of delicious sexiness, complete with five levels of themed-bars and live vintage jazz shows, topped off with the finest of burlesque acts, as if they were the sweet whipping cream originally made to accompany Clifton’s famous green Jell-O. Meieran’s taxidermy wonderland quickly became one of Downtown favorites when it re-opened last year, second only to his other retro-paradise, the Edison Lounge, set inside a refurbished steam room in the basement of the Historic Higgins Building. And, this Halloween; he’s got an extra spicy treat for all of his guests.

Travel back in time with Meieran and fully immerse yourself in the pages of Downtown’s history, this time, in the basement of iconic Clifton’s, within the twisted world of The Experiment, Dr. Bradley and Nurse Janice’s private asylum.

This exclusive and private party in the “meat locker basement” is not open to the public, but tickets are available. Upon arrival, the candy stripers will check you in and take you on an Asylum Tour before seating you in the day room, where you’ll shudder with anticipation to meet the resident patients. Get up close and personal with them as they wind you through a tangled tale of sex, power, and madness.

Get lost in warped time in the songs and dance of this sexy, eerie 360 degree, completely immersive insane parody cabaret. But don’t worry, all patients are under sedation and promise not even an inch of anger. Unless…648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Lucha Vavoom Halloween Madness October 26-27th

Sex and violence has never been more enticing as Lucha Vavoom reigns supreme as Downtown’s sexiest place to party this Halloween. Lucha Vavoom drives you head first into their fantasy world of Tequila, burlesque and Mexican wrestling. Strap on, buckle up, and hold on tight for their unpredictable interactive stage show, complete with beautiful women, both male and female, Luchadores, midgets, muscle bound heroes, villainess, flash mobs, comedic show hosts and one hell of a sound system; all demanding audience participation in the worst way. Filling the Mayan with hundreds of naughty costumed partygoers, some of which costumes come off during the tease, Lucha Vavoom is set inside the Historic Mayan Theater designed in 1927 by Stiles O, Clements and sculptor, Francisco Cornejo. Lucha Vavoom situates their wrestling ring at the center of an ancient Mayan temple with exuberating coliseum thunder, as super macho wrestlers who command attention beat each other up with a fury, falling from the highly decorated pillars on top of each other and even into the audience seating areas at

times. The burlesque performers are far from shy and anything can happen so drink up! The show is now in its 13th year and is well-seasoned guaranteeing a good time for all. You’ll scream, you’ll laugh, you’ll fear for your life, and you will LUST at this theatrical variety show that pits good vs. evil. 1038 Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Cntrl Collective: Ex Machina October 28th

If you love Steampunk, and we know you do, this Halloween weekend you can step into CNTRL Collective’s Ex Machina Masquerade, a modern-day Anubis Gate leading to the world of Steampunk, capturing the evolution of Steampunk’s modern-day elegance adorned with the enigmatic collections of the early 1800s. With portions of the proceeds going Freedom and Fashion, who use fashion and beauty to create empowering programs that mentor, love, and bring freedom to at-risk young women and survivors of the sex trade, there’s sure to be plenty of overstuffed corsets with monocle catching bosoms, leathers, timepieces and creative delights to mystify. Steampunk underground culture has a solid fan base accumulating thousands of admirers around the world.

CNTRL Collective’s Steampunk Adventure also offers an open bar and enlist the creative minds of Behind the Veil Productions filling the event with steampunk performers, gravity-defying aerialists, interactive photo installations, special guests, and hand-crafted cocktails to entice your senses.

Usually, the folks at CNTRL Collective are enjoying a cup of java, from their popular java sanctuary adjacent, while offering all an innovative collective workspace, but this Halloween they will offer all a place to get away from work – with all play! 833 S. Spring Street, 90014. 213-239-0086.

Pirate Party at Far Bar October 27-31st

Yo, Ho, Ho and shimmer me timbers, it’s a pirates life, and drink for me! From the day I was shanghaied I’ve been thinking about docking the shores of Downtown’s Far East, and there is no better place to lay my anchor than at one of Little Tokyo’s best kept secrets, the Far Bar. Think gypsies, sea witches, wenches and rock hard peg legs this Halloween, because the Far Bar has a fat booty of whiskey and even more treasures of Tequilas, Black Magic Rum and Stolen Rum, for Sake’s sake. Better yet, cooks prepare sea creatures to your delight, raw, along with a full menu, and cocktail bribes from Captain Hook for anyone wearing pirate gear. The dining patio, complete with narrow alley beneath string lights and brick-laden walls, reminds me of when I was a young lad working on the17th century dockyards of England. The Far Bar crew fi res the biggest canon of craft beers and spirits with the largest selection of bottled craft beers from Japan in Southern California. Thirty-four bottles of beer on the wall to be exact. Okay, they are really on tap, but that doesn’t have to stop you from using the libations to join your fellow pirates in afew rounds of sea shanties, until you just can’t, count…no more.

Zombie Crawl October 29th

Only those into necrophilia can really appreciate the efforts girls will put into

making their zombie costumes this year. Not only do they want to look scary but they also want to look sexy. See in life, some hot chicks are hotter than most, but in order to be a sexy zombie they’re going to have to perfect the art of dressing down to drew up, and they won’t be able to rely on the usual Maybeline/Cover Girl Clean Makeup routine. We suggest using theatrical makeup. They’ll also need some skimpy clothing, blood, paint, scissors, prosthetics, fake limbs, rotting teeth, brains, and a whole day and night supply of zombie attitude. But don’t worry zombie girls just don’t drink blood, they also enjoy great beers, and thanks to the Downtown LA Zombie Crawl, they’ll have over 10 bars to choose from, with drink discounts, free shots, and free entry to participating Halloween after parties. Nothing is going to stop them from getting their man, or woman, and just because they may not be able to run, they are zombies, they are persistent. You may get away from one but you probably won’t make it in the end, because their zombie beauty is contagious and they won’t be alone, there will be hundreds of fellow zombie babes walking dead down the streets of downtown Los Angeles. It’s going to be epidemic. 347 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Carrera de los Muertos 5K Run November 1st

If being a part of the walking dead appeals to you, then being a part of the running

dead is going to really get your heart pumping, we hope. Carrera de los Muertos is a vibrant 5k run that honors Day of the Dead. And why not run down the streets of Downtown past the LA River through Chinatown all the way to Olvera Street? It starts at 8am, so wake up, get out and experience this cultural event full of art, music and folklore. Benefiting OSMAF to preserve traditions that have thrived at Olvera Street for over 85 years.

Bloodsucker’s Bash October 29th

It’s always fun when you party inside of one of Downtown’s most popular historic theaters, and this particular theater host angels and demons as part of its spectacular Art Deco/European Goth décor, just perfect for Halloween. In it’s original heyday, the United Artists Theater, was  the staple of the motion picture industry, showcasing some of America’s timeless classics when it opened in December of 1927. Later it served as a cathedral. Now owned and operated by the ACE HOTELS, the United Artist Theater, boast one of Downtown’s most frequented live entertainment venues, hosting everything from film, to live musical performances, to discotheques. The boutique hotel offers 11 floors with 182 rooms, a ground floor restaurant bar, rooftop pool lounge with fire pit ambiance and views of the Downtown skyline.

The top of the hotel peaks with terra- cotta jagged edges, resembling Bram Stoker’s famed novel, where he describes Count Dracula’s castle for sure, being terrifying, and just spooky.

Well, maybe not so spooky with a full house of traveling guests, but turn all the lights out and imagine Nosferatu’s twisted, clawed and fanged body creeping through the halls and you start to get the idea. Better yet, don’t imagine, the Theater at the Ace Hotel will be showing the original classic, F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent fl ick Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror set to the sounds of the LA Opera, just before their Annual Bloodsucker’s Bash kicks off.

Thirsty for more? Bloodsucker’s Bash promises to have the highest concentration of vampires of any Downtown Halloween party, keeping you up most of the night with a fresh mix of dark red cocktails and special guests Djs. If you happen to want to dress like something besides a creature of the night, say a virtuous victim perhaps, you can always dress like Charlie Chaplin, and he was once the owner of the place, soon to be known as Vampire CC. 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015.


Yup, you guessed it. It’s me Keri Freeman, publisher and concept designer for Downtown Weekly. Living, working and playing in Downtown coming from an entertainment background…I discovered something about myself. I discovered I really liked sharing my knowledge of DTLA and its awesome hospitality movement. Also in doing so I have the great pleasure of working with incredible sponsors (who believe in the vision), extraordinary literary artists, photographers, event coordinators and many talented artists and musicians who inspire me every day to keep the DTLA Weekly going. Also, it would seem I’m the only woman of color to publish a newspaper here in over 100 years, so hopefully that inspires some future generations as well….Just remember if its fun…it can’t be work….Thank you, people of Gaia, for your continued support and thank you for reading!