It’s every biker for himself as families glide down the streets of Downtown passing historical landmarks; which include some of the most interesting architectural wonders Downtown has to offer. Interactive games, historic tours, and live entertainment are all part of this semi self guided bike tour, that keeps growing and growing every year. Yet, for the first time in Downtown CicLAvia history, the event welcomes downtown restuarants and bars as part of their bike trek adventure, meaning those fighting the sometimes uncontrollable urge to drink and ride may have to sit this one out. There is  no way to escape the DrinkLAvia libation

The struggle is real.

This month’s course is set at just under 6 miles, beginning (or ending) in 1 of 4 different location hubs. Incorporated along its route, are tons of interactive exhibits, free give-ways, contest, tours, food sources, and liquid refreshments to keep you hydrated. But now, with an additional 15 bars adjacent, you can easily become over-hydrated, so be careful. It could be a set up. Drinking and biking is a crime, can cause cramps, and can lead to UBR (unruly biker syndrome).

Grand Park should offer the lessor of temptations, with an art bike project, a paper flower workshop photo booth, and water stations. With Metro’s new Bike System, the temptations to rent one of their 760 stylish new bikes at $3.75 per 1/2 hour, coupled with the pressure of returning that same bike under the time it takes to ride and get plastered, can be overwhelming. Be sure you take note of the bike number, and where you rest your Metro loaner while you water that monkey on your back.

It’s another beautiful sunny California day, but you don’t need beer!!

Starting or ending in Boyle Heights at Mariachi plaza seems safe enough; with a farmers market, live music, a Libros Schmibros bookstore and a vintage board game area, but once you pass the LA River and enter into the Arts District, all is fair in love and hops. The Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles is now the largest concentrated area for micro-brewing, with major drinking temples like Angel’s City Brewery, Arts District Brewery, Boom Town and Iron Triangle, all every bit as close to CycLAvia’s 4th street route, and all every bit unique in their signature brews and entertainment options. Do you want to ride in CycLAvia or do you want to drink home grown beers and listen to live bands all afternoon? Stay focused.

You can do it, but it won’t be easy.

Let’s talk about the Chinatown hub with live music, food trucks, and a playground with games like ping-pong, jump rope, and of course, a beer garden. It’s hard enough maneuvering sometimes around some of the tinier bikers, don’t let the pressures of a Chinatown beer garden get to you. Remember, most children at the event crash into something. Don’t let it be you. Stay sober. Stay alert.

Bring it Back to Broadway!

Sure, this avenue is full of mystery and historic theaters withstanding the test of time, but the trek down Broadway will offer no refuge. Although you may want to gear off course and enter Grand Central Market at their Oyster/Wine Bar, on Hill Street, or take a seated rest at the bar of the Horse Thief BBQ – Don’t! You’ll end up spending hours enjoying tasty dishes from around the world, thanks to the new selection of fine gourmet eateries and some familiar old ones now hosted at Grand Central Market. Just close your eyes when you pass Grand Central’s new liquor vendor, and try to bike faster as you make your way past the Precinct, Downtown’s premiere gay bar, known for throwing their wildest Sunday parties, IN THE AFTERNOON. Be fierce! Peddle smarter, not harder, and take a sober tour of the Los Angeles Theater, its free.

Listen to your muscles, not your organs.

Don’t let your liver steer you off course. Although, a left, just one block to Spring Street will lead you’re smack dead into what Downtown drinkers call a bar hopping paradise; Spring Street’s Infamous Bar Grind, with 14 Bars to choose from in just under 5 minutes, of otherwise uninterrupted biking. Pay no heed, although those bars will be full, due to the sports games playing on the big screens inside, you’ll have to stay strong. Get back to the original idea of exercise, voyeurism and saving the environment.

You can make it!

Heading to or from MacArthur Park hub you just have to keep pushing. Get past, the Financial District Happy Hour Quarter, Downtown’s original bar scene, where the suit and tie meets the whiskey rye. There is a variety of fine gastro pub dining on 7th, from sushi to fish and chips. If you cave in, at least you won’t be drinking on an empty stomach.


Remember the Times

Stay sober so you can remember the great times at CycLAvia. Inspired by its international sibling, ciclovio, held over 40 years in Bogotá, Colombia, CycLAvia was recreated for Los Angeles in October 10, 2010. In just seven years this outdoor bicycle tour/environmental statement has become the country’s largest open streets event, with over 1 million people in attendance. For more information visit www.cyclavia.org





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