Real Estate Empire: Christiano Sampaio of Loftway Part 1

Since its modest beginnings in 2003, Loftway has sold hundreds and leased over one thousand units to date. Specializing in lofts, they span from Marina Del Rey to Pasadena with units to lease and buy for every price range. Over the last several years, owner Christiano Sampaio has built an empire.

It’s no question that the tech boom is, well still booming, and the bubble doesn’t appear at risk to burst anytime soon.  Los Angeles, commonly referred to as “Silicon Beach” has raised nearly $6Bn in 2016 as money continues to be poured into every entrepreneurial venture with a disruptive mindset. As we find our way veering towards as little human contact as possible, industries have ditched the analog way of life in search for the next concept that makes it easier to date without having to swipe right or get food delivered in two clicks or less.

The downside is obvious: You don’t get what you pay for. The food you ordered? It’s a burger and you’re a vegan. Your date? Catfish. While technology streamlines our economy, minimal human interference is proving itself a major issue in today’s industries.

For real estate, entrepreneur Christiano Sampaio’s solution is to preserve the human element in a digital world. Founder of, Sampaio was recently named “Best Residential Real Estate Agent” by DT News for the second year in a row.

Raised in Brazil, Chris attended University and studied business before relocating to Los Angeles in 1995. He found himself working in the sports supplement industry and eventually opened his own vitamin store, Nutrition Way, and after that he started his own supplement company with a partner which catered to martial art athletes. It was there where Chris gained hands-on experience in marketing and sales.

Sports supplements and real estate may be on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to business, but the entrepreneurial mindset of Christiano Sampaio created a seamless path. So what about real estate appealed to him?

“Real estate excites me”

After selling Nutrition Way, a close friend of Chris’s introduced him to real estate. It was a quick transformation from supplement provider to real estate mogul. Using the skills learned with Nutrition Way, Chris started working his way up the ladder, beginning with his roots. He took out a small ad in a local Brazilian magazine and found his first DTLA client.

“This guy called me… He was Brazilian and he had two lofts in Downtown LA. That’s how I started downtown,” Sampaio explained. Focusing specifically on lofts never occurred to him.

“When I started I didn’t have a niche,” Chris said. “My first office was on Sunset Boulevard. I was trying to do the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood thing. Then, I met this guy and started managing his lofts, in this brand new building. I liked the loft style and thought it was really cool.”

Christiano navigated through the ups and downs of the market and had to adapt during the crash doing more leases and learning the ins and outs of short sales.

As the DTLA Renaissance took shape, more people moved in and downtown living evolved. Loftway thrived.

“The Arts District in on fire,” Sampaio explained. There are only a hand full of buildings in the neighborhood that are selling up fast. “We go where the lofts go… I spend a lot of my time downtown.”

Loftway has something for everybody

Prices on available spaces range from some of the most affordable, quality luxury lofts to multi-million dollar penthouses atop downtown’s tallest buildings. While the downtown loft market offers a various selection of living spaces, the overwhelming degrees of cost, quality, and location make finding the right place a convoluted process.

“A lot of people come in with outside agents that don’t know the buildings. It’s nice to have someone that knows the buildings inside and out,” Chris went on to explain specific pros and cons each building has and what you must weigh out before deciding on where to live. He stressed the importance of getting an agent or broker who knows the area and listens to what people need.

Many loft seekers find their dwelling on websites like Zillow,, and Craigslist where the majority of information can be considered misconstrued as well as manipulated. At, Christiano Sampaio made sure to treat clients in the digital world just as in real life. Loftway provides resources on loft living, information to help guide you through finding a loft, and annual reports so you can better understand the market.  Loftway also gives back and donates to housing projects worldwide through GiveBack Homes.

Christiano Sampaio defines himself as an entrepreneur and can easily back the claim. Not only with his experience but with his vision for the future of Loftway.

“All the new possibilities… Eventually, I want to design my own buildings,” he said.

Even then, Christiano Sampaio and Loftway will be your best for an insider’s guide to downtown real estate.