The Lucent Dossier Experience

Dream Rockwell, who is also the co-founder of the Lightning in a Bottle Annual Festival, presents the Lucent Dossier Experience, a production that mere words can only begin to describe. When visiting Lucent Dossier expect a stage experience that tears down the walls which separate the artist and the observer.

Downtown Angelenos and surrounding neighbors and friends have an exciting opportunity to wrap up the year by witnessing a dazzling and unique display of interactive performance at a pre-New Year’s Eve presentation of Lucent Dossier on December 29th at the legendary Clifton’s Republic on Broadway in DTLA.

When asked about this concept, Dream says, “I was a dancer for many years and did a lot of shows, but I always felt like there was this weird separation between myself and the audience.”  She draws a connection between reality television, social media, and a deep-seated need for people to feel more involved vs. being mere spectators.

“I just felt like people wanted to be more involved,” she elaborates.  “They didn’t want to be sitting and watching the show, they wanted to be part of the show somehow.”

Another reason for the creative work Dream does, via The Lucent Dossier Experience, festival gatherings, music video directing and more, is to inspire others.

“I’m one person,” she says, “and I can only affect the world so much, but if everybody’s thinking more creatively and choosing more creative options in their life, then I feel like the world is going to be better.”

She elaborates:  “The whole desire with Lucent is really meant to inspire people to think more creatively, so, thus, let’s break down those fourth walls, let’s get people involved, let’s get people being more playful and more inspired with the hope that they’ll go home and do something really magical with their lives and create some little special world for me to come into, for us to come into, and inspire others to make more art.”

Now that we know the inspiration behind The Lucent Dossier Experience, what exactly can one anticipate at this event?  “Well, we love the word ‘enchantment’” Dream replies.

A little history: 

The Lucent Dossier Experience is the brainchild of a little girl who recognized her calling early on.  When asked what it was like to be a small human with such huge ideas, Dream responds with a laugh, saying,

“Well, it got me in a lot of trouble when I was younger.  It for sure got me in a lot of trouble, because I was always trying to break the rules and reinvent things and do things my own way.”

Dream speaks to her mission, “her calling as ushering in a new kind of reality on Earth; more loving, more caring.  It’s an ongoing ever-expanding process, but that’s what I feel like I’ve dedicated my life to is making things more beautiful, trying to add more beauty to the Earth, to the world.”

With such powerful inspiration, how can one possibly miss out on The Lucent Dossier Experience’s pre-New Year’s Eve gala on December 29th at Clifton’s Republic?

Renowned musical artist Marques Wyatt won’t miss this night, because he’ll be there live and in person providing the soundtrack to what is certain to be a memorable night.  When asked what energy he’ll bring to the night, Dream said, “He’s very deeply involved in the yoga community, but he’s also an incredible producer.  His music is so beautiful.  It’s the kind of music you really want to shake your booty and dance and get down to, but it’s also got ethereal qualities to it.  I guess it’s has a perfect balance of masculine and feminine in its notes, so that’s why I love his music.”

So if creativity, inspiration, beauty, interaction, love, and music aren’t motivation enough for you to make it to the Experience, there’s more to further intrigue you:  there are elements of seduction and sensuality involved in the event!

 Of this, Dream explains, “I feel like we grew up in a world that’s over-sexualized, and as a female, I find that stuff offensive.  Because I feel the objectification, it grates on me a little bit, and I don’t see my place in that world.”

“But,” she clarifies…

“I do love sensuality, which is a different iteration of kind of the same thing, but it’s coming from a different place.  It has a more emotional context to it; maybe it’s more feminine.  So as I was making my way in the world, I didn’t see that voice being spoken, and I didn’t feel anything that spoke to me in that way.  I wanted to create something that had that fluidity, and sensuality, and wasn’t sexy in any kind of typical way.”

“So I hope that’s what we’ve done,” Dream shares, “and what we’re always striving to do.  It’s really just fluid beauty.  And sometimes it can be ugly and it can be raw, because the human experience contains all those things.”

So, here’s the bottom line of what’s in store:

Dream says:  “When someone comes to the show, it’s a permission slip for them to be more playful and reveal a little more of themselves.  It’s like a secret society, so you’re coming into this secret little world where you can explore, and play, and let go of the day to day life.  And that’s the whole idea:  we want to create an environment where people can really let their hair down and explore themselves.”

Who can possibly resist such an enticing invitation?