DTLA NAUGHTY & NICE: Sienna Sinclaire’s Naughty DTLA Empire

Naughty is the name of the game for sexy, sensual, unique, creative, diverse, intelligent, sexual life coach, author, and infamous adult film entrepreneur Sienna Sinclaire. She is unlike anyone else in the industry and suitably, “Naughty…” is the term Sienna has used to coin her numerous brands and excursions. Tonight, Downtown Weekly gets to ride on the “Naughty Downtown Los Angeles Sex Tour” guided by Sienna Sinclaire, as part of her naughty empire.

Sienna Sinclaire’s passion for history and sexy secrets led her to participate in too many dull, boring tours of historically naughty places, artifacts, and practices worldwide. The experientially “Naughty Downtown Los Angeles Sex Tour” was conceived from Sienna taking matters into her own hands, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”, and that she did. Downtown Weekly LA was invited to the “Naughty DTLA Sex Tour” by Sienna herself!

Naughty DTLA Sex Tour
Sienna Sinclaire is LA’s very own friendly, uninhibited, and approachable guide through the past naughty stories and presently naughty happenings of Downtown LA. She can also coach you through exploring intimate sensual desires in the few dark hours touring on the naughty bus and experiencing some of Downtown LA’s sexiest spots.

Naughty Bus

Our evening began chauffeured in a black carriage/naughty bus. A classy, glossy, black microbus with the words “Party Bus” inscribed in white letters directly above the rear window. The elegant carriage had a regular chauffeur, dim lighting, red and green nightclub laser lights, a stripper pole at the rear, with the entire circumference of the interior lined by black leather seating, in other words, a moving strip club on wheels.
Naughty Strip Club

After we loaded, the naughty bus drove us to Southern California’s largest topless sports bar and grill located at the east end of Downtown LA. Our ride was guided step by step by Sienna who supports a no rules, have fun, and let loose naughty ambiance. Not only is the use of the stripper pole of the bus encouraged, but prized with gifts from Sienna Sinclair’s “Naughty Toys” sex toy line to be awarded to the three sexiest and most provocative pole dancers in the group. Winners are chosen for being exceptionally free and sexy while shaking “that thang” on the stripper pole.

DTLA’s Naughty Secrets

Participants can arrive at the topless sports bar early to enjoy dinner, drinks, and strippers before heading back in time on the naughty bus. That is what we did as we explored the buildings, streets and neighborhoods where brothels, painted ladies/Madames, and women of the night used to roam/rule. For although, wild and naughty, this tour is more than a risque tour for the uninhibited and open minded thrill seekers, the “Naughty Downtown LA SexTour” will also educate those interested in LA’s covert beginnings rooted in fetishism, sensuality, and secretiveness. Where cribs (the hourly rentals of the regular “legal” prostitutes) were located and positioned directly across the streets from the painted ladies who charged exacerbated amounts for their  (“illegal”) prostitutes in the brothels.

Sienna will share relics she acquired from the original “brothels” as part of the experience, you can actually hold in your hands.

Just before being chauffeured to a provocative all white dungeon run by a Mistress, our next stop on the tour, we made one creepy stop for the participants who were taking this tour with me. We stopped at the “Cecil Hotel” in Downtown LA, home of the writer/serial killer of prostitutes in the late 1990’s. While on a writing assignment about LA prostitutes he began and continued killing them for months prior to being stopped. And it was off to the provocative all white dungeon run by a Mistress!

Naughty Dungeon

We walked into a brick building and walked through an industrial-looking door down several hallways, up a set of stairs, and down to the end of another hallway coming to a door of a creative loft/studio. After the secret knock and assuring Sienna was the person at the door, we were welcomed in by the Mistress herself. She offered us a brief introduction and tour of the space catering to those who would like to be tied up, spanked, shackled, and/or whipped. You are left to enjoy some time to your pleasure with access to all amenities of the dungeon, tools and cages are made available. Mistress is there to demonstrate a good spanking if you wish. Definitely one hands-on stop that seemed to be a highlight of the night for many participants, men and women alike.

Naughty Dancing

Time was up and we were off to the sexy bar and lounge of the tour. The front of the venue consisted of a packed bar, yet afforded a quieter space and environment to converse and mingle. However, traveling past the restrooms, hallways, and kitchen, we come to a dance floor, tables, and another bar. There a  club atmosphere, restaurant, and bar come together to create a space to drink, mingle, and dance!

The naughty bus at this point in the night offers to trolly participants to the liquor store for those who may want to restock for the next and final stop, the swingers club. The club provides bartenders to serve you and simple mixers, however, this party is BYOB/liquor and mixers.

At 12:30am we all met at the naughty bus to leave the sexy bar and lounge and head to the naughty swingers club where this whole night has been leading up to. Sienna hands everyone a NaughtyLA bag o’goodies containing a “Naughty Card” for discounts at various venues, a book Sporting Guide, Los Angeles, 1897, lubricant, among other Naughty items.

Naughty Sex Club

We arrived back at square one, where participants began their night and will conclude it. Only couples and women are allowed inside (tip for solo men: look for a date on NaughtyLA). Those who do not wish to enter the club are free to do as they wish for the remainder of their evening and those that will participate enter.

The interior consists of a dance floor, bar, showers, lockers, and open “private” rooms throughout where the only rule enforced is to be respectful and always allow the women to let you know what they are comfortable with.  The night begins with participants hitting the showers and changing into sexy attire. You would think you are in a nightclub, however ,that atmosphere gradually begins to resemble scenes from X-Rated films as the crowd on the dancefloor diminishes and the rooms fill with people unleashing their passions.

Considering It

You may be asking yourself, what type of people attend? The answer is a very diverse crowd, all kinds of people from all walks. The only common denominator among participants is open-mindedness and respect for one-another.

Couples that like to add fluffers to their intimacy, couples on their first naughty experience, couples who met on the NaughtyLA website to go on this date, women rode solo, a couple of members of LA’s most elitist naughty society.