DTLA VEGAN: 5 Myths Busted

Are you that person worried about where vegans get protein? Do you think sometimes that eating only plant-based foods is crazy? Did you grow up drinking milk for strong bones, eating meat as a part of a regular diet, and thinking only carbs should be avoided? You may be surprised as you learn more about how humans are designed to eat for optimal health. Here are some common myths regarding a vegan diet.

MYTH: A vegan diet won’t get you the protein you need.

Proteins are required for the building and repairing of tissues in the body. They’re a sequence of amino acids that are linked into a chain. Plants can synthesize all of the individual amino acids used to build proteins, but animals can’t. Out of the 20 amino acids, people can synthesize 11. Plants are a rich source of protein and studies have shown eating a whole foods plant-based diet can get you all the protein you need when your diet is varied with legumes, grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Too much protein has shown to lead to the development of tumors.

MYTH: You need milk for calcium.

Milk may not do your body good. Swedish researchers published in the British Medical Journal discovered during a mean follow-up of 20 years, that an increased consumption of milk resulted in an increased risk of mortality and hip fracture in men and women. Try almond milk, soy milk, or rice milk.

MYTH: Eating a whole foods plant-based diet is more expensive.

Sometimes the cheapest foods you can buy in a grocery store are grains, potatoes, beans, legumes, bananas, and vegetables. You can cook in bulk and freeze for future use. You could end up saving money by eating a plant based diet!

MYTH: There’s not enough info to support that a plant-based diet is healthier.

It’s been shown that a low-fat whole foods plant-based diet can prevent and reverse many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancers. People who eat a vegan diet tend to have lower a body mass index and lowered risk for the aforementioned illnesses.

MYTH: Veganism is hard. Most likely people eat the same foods as it is.

Typically eating: chicken, fish, cows, and pigs. The rest of the plate is vegetables, fruits, beans, and starches. See! We’re almost there. Be creative with veganizing your favorite foods and learning how to modify them!

Lailah Morid

Lailah Moridzadeh graduated from CSUF with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Radio-TV-Film. Her life path and skills led her to running a business as an insurance broker and vegan coach helping people become healthier, wealthier, with more time and money freedom to reach their full potential in life. Visit GetVeganLifeInsurance.com and HealthyVeganCoach.com for more information.