DTLA VEGAN: Vegan-curious?

It took two years for my business partner to tell me he’s finally ready to give being vegan a try and for Veganuary this year he’s “going vegan”.

Hallelujah! I’m coaching him and with my vegan meal delivery service, I’m preparing lunch and dinner every day for this month, and I’m excited to see his results. When I run into people who want to be vegan, I get asked the most, “But, what do I eat?” Here’s a quick tutorial on what vegans eat and how to turn your curiosity into action!

Firstly, vegans eat more than lettuce. For breakfast, we can enjoy oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, tofu scramble, breakfast burritos with beans, rice, and salsa, drinking plant-based milk like rice milk, soy milk, cashew milk, or almond milk that keep us pus, cruelty, hormone, and antibiotic-free.

When lunch time rolls around, instead of cold-cuts a vegan we will enjoy veggie sandwiches, maybe with hummus spread, lentil soup, or pita pizza; spreading hummus over pita bread topped with vegetables. Instead of a burger, a vegan would simply choose a patty made from vegetables, soy or tempeh, or what most restaurants now call a veggie burger.

Dinner suggestions include vegetable chili, stews poured over rice, veggie fajitas, and potato medleys.

Eating fruits throughout the day keeps up energy, but be careful of nut consumption as they are higher in fat. Reducing or eliminating high saturated fats found in animal products is a snap when you’re vegan.

Shopping in the produce section is far less expensive with the intentions of filling your plates with vegetables, grains, beans, lentils, and potatoes.  The best part about being vegan is satisfying your curiosity while you seek out new recipes trying out different ingredients, with exotic herbs and spices from the orient you may or may not be used to experimenting with like fresh dill, cilantro, parsley, cardamom and turmerics.

Being vegan protects your life, your family, and your future.  The better you take care of your body today, the better quality of life you’ll have today and in the future and this month we celebrate Veganuary!



Lailah Morid

Lailah Moridzadeh graduated from CSUF with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Radio-TV-Film. Her life path and skills led her to running a business as an insurance broker and vegan coach helping people become healthier, wealthier, with more time and money freedom to reach their full potential in life. Visit GetVeganLifeInsurance.com and HealthyVeganCoach.com for more information.