Falling in love with DTLA: Crepes Sans Frontieres

There’s no doubt in the minds of the Historic Core that the Spring Arcade needs love. Once a highly popular flea market laced corridor of friendly immigrants, the venue closed with revitalizing efforts to be reopened with the promise of a busy natural lit passageway filled with aromas from Spring to Broadway.

It’s been a bit of a process, but there is light at each end of this tunnel. With more eateries opening this year, the Spring Arcade is destined to join the ranks of other successful Downtown food hubs such as the Grand Central Market, LA LIVE and Fig at 7th.

Indeed this will eventually happen, although some have given up, packed up their sausages and moved on, still others see the promise and remain faithful to the building’s French baroque arched corridor, home to apartment dwellers above, and a handful of healthy food sources below.

Allowing prospective shop owners to see the potential and leading the way as the first shop to christen the building’s reopening in September of 2013, was a tiny well-decorated crepe café brought to Downtown by an owner with a heart of gold who would later become a beacon of love for the lonely palettes everywhere.

And love was hard!

With the noise of construction, lack of security, free parking, and less marketing efforts put into the Spring Arcade venture compared to other Downtown food hubs, the only way the tiny crepery could have survived was to gain a solid reputation for

being completely devoted to serving Downtown the best tasting crepe. And it did. And still does to this day, three years later.

But don’t take our word for it. It’s no secret romance. Crepes Sans Frontieres has won the hearts of Downtown. Voted BEST CREPE three years in a row, with rave reviews on Yelp, and a following of fans that would die for the crepes coming out of this place, owner Ruth Hudin is the pioneer crepery-cupid the Spring Arcade Building needed, striking downtown hearts with her delicately prepared sweet and savory love galletes.

Don’t fall all at once…

Ruth Hudin, started with a small catering service and working the farmer’s markets about 10 years ago with the intention of bringing authentic recipes in the form of organic, gluten-free, buckwheat crepes from France long before fluttering her angelic wings around the Historic Core.

Looking back, her venture has proved to be a phenomenal idea and a wonderful addition to Downtown, offering your heartbroken taste buds flavors they could trust and earning respect for the tiny café who had done so much for so many in so little time.

To add to the splendor, Ruth’s crepes are a perfect match for all kinds of Angelinos. For instance, for the vegan, or gluten sensitive, Ruth creates a gluten free organic dark brown buckwheat crepe, filled with fresh vegetables. For the seafood lover, she serves wild caught smoked salmon, and savory crepes specials topped with shrimp during the popular weekend brunch. New to the menu, starting from 11am, Tuesday thru Friday, Ruth presents a crêpe with eggs, bacon topped with real maple syrup. For a steak through the heart try La Crepe Liberte with Angus beef.

Your love of organic chicken, cheeses, or charcuterie plates will never be in vain at Crepes Sans Frontieres. Neither will your love for imported French wines.

If Ladies Night 2 for 1 Rose wines don’t win your heart, you’ll have no choice but to fall madly in love with the weekend brunch. If by that time you are still a bit jaded please allow the bottomless mimosas to soften your inhibitions.

Thanks to Ruth people everywhere have fallen in love again with the Spring Arcade Building allowing themselves to enjoy a marriage of taste and a honeymoon of flavors. Crepes Sans Frontieres is located at 541 S. Spring Street, LA, CA 90013.


Yup, you guessed it. It's me Keri Freeman, publisher and concept designer for Downtown Weekly. Living, working and playing in Downtown coming from an entertainment background...I discovered something about myself. I discovered I really liked sharing my knowledge of DTLA and its awesome hospitality movement. Also in doing so I have the great pleasure of working with incredible sponsors (who believe in the vision), extraordinary literary artists, photographers, event coordinators and many talented artists and musicians who inspire me every day to keep the DTLA Weekly going. Also, it would seem I'm the only woman of color to publish a newspaper here in over 100 years, so hopefully that inspires some future generations as well....Just remember if its fun...it can't be work....Thank you, people of Gaia, for your continued support and thank you for reading!