Food Fight: War of the Wings; It’s Fight Night

War of the Wings …it’s time for the Main Event!

At last week’s weigh-in, we saw our culinary pugilists face off for the very first time. On one side, POV Snack Shop, the scrappy welterweight hailing from Downtown’s Historic core, a hallowed training ground for so many legendary Food Fight champions. And their opponent, Comfort LA, a fringe contender from the mean street kitchens of Skid Row.

When we last left them, both fighters had donned their toughest game face. Both contenders looked to be in top fighting form and neither seemed willing to back down. But would the countless hours spent sparring in the test kitchen to perfect their wing technique pay off? It all comes down to one fight. This is the moment they’ve been training for.

Today, in the same ring for the first time, POV Snack Shop and Comfort LA go wing-to-wing to battle for the title of “Lord of the Wings”. The only questions is: who returns a champion and who gets sent back to the test kitchen?

It’s fight night. Let’s get it on!

Round 1:
POV Snack Shop comes charging out of its corner in Downtown’s Mission Market to land the first blow. It’s the Lunchbox! POV’s signature move is a power-packed combination of five tender, juicy wings that leave Comfort LA reeling. But POV isn’t finished! Dripping with Habanero Mango wing sauce, POV lands a spicy-sweet one-two punch.

But Comfort LA finds a second wind. Comfort connects with their Dinner Special, five wings deep-fried to crispy perfection. POV is on the ropes. Comfort LA began the bout with a weight advantage, but these wings display a mastery of Food Fight technique that can’t be explained by size alone. This combination of size and skill may prove unstoppable. POV won’t win a wing-to-wing face off. If they hope to pull off the upset, they’ll need to regroup.

Round 2:
POV Snack Shop tries a new tactic. It’s their secret weapon! Belgian fries with garlic-chive aioli might be POV’s only chance to land a knockout. These thick slabs of starchy power deliver a flash knockdown. Comfort gets up, but POV’s aioli keeps the clobbering coming. Comfort is down for the count! Six, seven, eight…POV can’t believe it! After that brutal pummeling, Comfort LA is up!

Comfort LA is seeing stars but can still dish it out. The combination of sides is knocking the sauce off POV’s wings. The hook-uppercut strike of beans & rice and mac & cheese is turning the tables in Comfort’s favor. Will POV have anything left after this?

Round 3:
POV deploys their signature wing sauces. Comfort is beaten back by this savage six-sauce combo of Pineapple BBQ, Buffalo, Curry, Korean, POV Hot Sauce, and Habanero Mango. Comfort counters with everything it has left and…It’s “That Sauce”! It’s “That Sauce”! And this time, there’s no doubt on anyone’s mind. The ref is counting…seven…eight….nine…

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