DTLA Paradise: Dames N’ Games

Spearmint Rhino’s Dames N’ Games Topless Sport’s Bar & Grill possess a sensual trinity of fun and entertainment consisting of; beautiful women serving up equally delectable sports bar eats and a friendly inviting atmosphere that may literally make you lose track of time.

Dames N’ Games offers world class bar fare that doesn’t stray too far away from the typical mainstays one would seek out in any sports bar type of setting and whether you choose the chicken wings, street tacos or burgers they are guaranteed to be cooked to perfection.

But, that’s not all they are serving up!

They have become renowned in the L.A. area for their succulent Tuesday $2 sirloin steaks. Yes, you read that right! Their juicy sirloin awesomeness is grilled to something past amazing and is brought to your table to tickle your taste buds for next to nothing!

Interested in a SIZZLE of a different kind?

Dames also offers the ultimate bottle service experience. They are beyond proficient as it pertains to matters of confidentiality. Therefore letting loose and having fun is never a problem for the everyday Joe or regular celebrity guest.

Every section of the floor has a hostess assigned to it as to ensure optimal fun and also to make certain that your glassis never empty.

Well-positioned and comfortably large VIP booths are a favorite for anyone looking to unwind in a more relaxed environment. In fact, even groups of five or more are able to hang out and take things in without being too far from all of the action on the main floor.

Another great feature of the VIP booths are the TVs that display all the stage action thanks to carefully placed cameras, in addition to all live sporting events shown daily on Dames’ HD 12 ft screen projection TVs. Dames is also a popular location for all Pay-Per-View UFC and boxing events and has also become the unofficial headquarters for LA Dodgers fans to watch all home and away games.

Wondering where the “Topless” comes in? The main stage is where all the action is! If you’re coming into marvel at the topless entertainers then this is where you need to be. The energy that surges through the club while guests engage in watching the finest women LA has to offer is like none other.

The entertainers simultaneously captivate and delight, with their high-voltage routines on a three pole stage. In addition to the friendliness of the girls who interact with guests between the two rooms, and the welcoming attitude of the other staff and overall quality of the establishment makes for an incredible time.

“Apart from the main floor is a bar that feels more like a classy dive you pop into right off the street for a beer to kill time while waiting for a friend, only to end up there all night and making new ones.”

– Ariel Goode, Spearmint Rhino Marketing Manager

Dames n’ Games is a mix of different worlds with so much transpiring at any given time and the smoking hot servers who are curvaceous in all the right places diligently attend to the accommodation needs of all of their clientele. With all of the money that has clearly been invested into this state of the art building, it should come as no surprise that they far exceed the demands placed upon them. Just take a few simple glances around the place and immediately you will see business meetings, friends grabbing a bite and a brew while taking in sporting events, Bachelor / Bachelorette parties (Yup, women love an exciting girls night out at Dames n’ Games!), romantic dinners and even a friendly place for smokers to enjoy themselves without judgment out on the patio outside.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, they also feature cage fights on the last Thursday of each month! Dames n’ Games LA hosts a night of sexy entertainers playfully ruff-housing in an official MMA style octagon.

“Yeah, there is nothing likeCaliente Cage Rage!” – General Manager Cisco

One of the best things about Dames is the dress code. Since it’s a sports bar they allow their patrons to come in with comfortable sports attire. Says Cisco, “Being a sports bar in one of the major sports cities in the world, we encourage guests to come wearing their favorite team jersey, caps, jeans and sneakers; while maintaining a dress code that ensures that people don’t walk in looking like they just left the gym.” Who could possibly argue with that?

Cisco also shared his feelings about Dames’ ability to provide phenomenal customer service saying, “Great customer service and hospitality is something that Dames n’ Games staff ensures to provide to every guest, every time. When people walk in for a quick and delicious lunch, after a long day at work or come in looking to catch a game with friends or alone, they want to feel welcome, be entertained and get the best quality for their dollar and that starts with how they are greeted at the door to when they are closing out their check. And this is where we shine, from our hosts that greet guests at the door, escort them to a table and introduce them to their waitress, the entertainers that interact throughout the building and everything in between.” Who could argue with that logic?

Be sure to check out Dames n’ Games on March 30th for their next cage battle. This is truly sports of all types…done right! 2319 E. Washington Blvd, LA, CA 90021. 323-589-2220. www.damesngames.net