Little Damage: I licked it, so…

Just when was it did the world’s most soft and cuddly pop-culture icons first become popular for having anything to do with the ability to totally kick your ass? Did it start with the Powder Puff Girls, or was it the lovable Pikachu that convinced our youth that to be truly adorable one also had to be downright dangerous?

Certainly,  it was believable. Nothing was ever as it seemed and everything flawed, so why not a new era of care bears with sharp teeth, or “sugar, spice, and everything nice” torching you with a flame thrower? But, what about ice cream? Surely, nothing could be so beautifully pristine and more innocent than soft serve ice cream, with its delicately performed vertical swirl ascending ever so perfectly all the way up to its capped pinnacled frosty point.

Where is the danger in soft serve ice cream you ask?

After choosing your favorite flavor, take your time at the machine, with a bit of practice, over time almost anyone could master the power of the sacred swirl. Nothing ominous about it, right?

Well, for millions of people worldwide the danger comes in the form of an evil ice cream menace, known as “Lactose Intolerance” which causes an array of problems, taking the title of “villain of all villains” for ice cream lovers everywhere. For its victims looking through an ice cream shop window is like having X-ray vision, revealing the hidden possibilities of a captured and tormented gut.

Such was the case for the mysterious Jenny Damage, owner of Downtown’s new trendy ice cream parlor, Little Damage located on the corner of 7th and Spring. The white and black checkered exterior design accentuates the corner while inside Damage offers in-house seating, a pre-order kiosk, and a photo booth that sends photos to your email for ice cream licking memories.

Once upon a time eating a pint a day was a regular routine for Jenny, happy times spent reminiscing about the days of her youth when she and her brother enjoyed racing each other to the local Rite Aid to see who would win the first scoop. For Jenny, any flavor except chocolate would do. No sharing. “I licked it, so it’s mine”,  they would play.

This went on for years. In time Jenny grew up becoming one of the most commanding ice cream lovers LA had ever known, until the day she found herself face to face with Lactose. Lactose Intolerance had infiltrated and began traumatizing her from her innermost core in the form of gut wrenching pains every time she tried to fulfill her craving for the dairy favorite. She would have to be strong, put her urges aside and eventually mastermind a plan to allow her and others to beat Lactose at its own game.

Never fear! Little Damage is here.

Speak softly and carry a big punch, yes, of course! For her and others like her, taking on Lactose has never tasted as good as it does right now in Downtown LA.  One or two dairy free vegan flavors are at Little Damage, and they are just as delightful as all the other rotating dairy flavors in Jenny’s new soft serve ice cream parlor.

Once a worn-out corner store, the location was transformed instantly by Jenny’s powers to create an ice cream fantastic. All with supernatural ingredients, LittleDamage is just one of Jenny’s well thought out start-ups that burst onto the scene and has the community anxiously waiting for another episode. And if the lines at Little Damage are any indication of an endeavors success, it won’t be her last.

Don’t Let the Cute Looks Fool You.

This USC graduate majored in business, so don’t let the cute look and delightfully pale giggle fool you. She is a mastermind when it comes to the “psycho but cute” concept, and revels in the idea of a new downtown and bringing something of substance to it.

At Little Damage, you can enjoy the sweet taste of handcrafted sin with each flavor or choose a safe cuddly and warm Lactose-free vegan flavor available, but when mixing flavors you may even find your own artistic inspiration. Fifty percent of food perception is in the looks, and at Little Damage they don’t scoop they stack.

By the time your selection is presented, it will resemble a piece of art, stacked high inside a black cone, with carefully placed toppings to choose from, like caramel corn, sprinkles, peanut butter chips, shredded coconuts, melted caramel, peanut butter cups, mini Oreo cookies, just about anything that’s delicious. But wait…did we say black cone?

Ice Cream is the New Black at Little Damage.

Both, the Almond Charcoal flavor and the signature black cones are made with activated charcoal producing their smokey appearance. As many already know, the corner of 7th and Spring has become a healthy hub in the Historic Core, hosting, Juice Crafters, and the former panini shop that got blasted out of the way when Little Damage arrived. Still, health being the underlining theme of the ice cream shop, the activated charcoal doesn’t just add to the mystique and aesthetic value of the ice cream servings. Activated charcoal is known to rid the body of toxins. So that with every artisan serving there’s Little Damage to the body.

Maybe you won’t find the ordinary plain chocolate or cookies & cream but will find discover exotic flavors such as Just Beet It and Mango Sticky Rice. Call to check what current flavors are flavors on Instagram! #little.damage  Little Damage is located at 700 S. Spring Street, LA 90014.


Yup, you guessed it. It's me Keri Freeman, publisher and concept designer for Downtown Weekly. Living, working and playing in Downtown coming from an entertainment background...I discovered something about myself. I discovered I really liked sharing my knowledge of DTLA and its awesome hospitality movement. Also in doing so I have the great pleasure of working with incredible sponsors (who believe in the vision), extraordinary literary artists, photographers, event coordinators and many talented artists and musicians who inspire me every day to keep the DTLA Weekly going. Also, it would seem I'm the only woman of color to publish a newspaper here in over 100 years, so hopefully that inspires some future generations as well....Just remember if its can't be work....Thank you, people of Gaia, for your continued support and thank you for reading!