Yogis on the Move: Yoga On Demand

Starting a new yoga class can be intimidating for anyone, especially practicing next to experienced yogis. Answer: Yogis On The Move.

YOTM was founded by Jessica Kang in 2014, who returned from a pilgrimage teaching in Hong Kong and India. Hearkening back to a different era where doctors would make house calls, Kang had the genius, outside the box idea of visiting different apartment properties to get clients. The results were phenomenal. Yogis On The Move now have 12 yoga teachers on staff with various yoga lineages and training.

Kang has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She received her 500-hour certification through Yoga Works in 2007 with Jeanne Heileman as her mentor.

Yogis On The Move is about helping to build a strong connected community within a community. To be part of a communal space where people can come gather, connect, practice and grow in a safe supported environment was part of her vision.

So what makes Yogis on the Move special? Kang says, “It’s more relaxed, safe welcoming environment, people don’t have to be nervous.  It helps added comfort, convince. The sense of community. Unlike the gym. A lot of energy very supportive.,”

Yogis on the Move is yoga your way, your time. Every Yogi is highly trained, each completing up to 500 hours of certified training, as well as 5 years teaching and 5 years of self-practice.

A typical lesson consists of Mid-level classes, at different levels of pace. More relaxed, safe welcoming place people don’t have to be nervous. Confident friendly teachers. 60 minutes to connect with our humanity.

As DTLA is developing exponentially, the new condos, apartments etc… have begun to offer yoga studios as an amenity. Currently at YOTM have Apex Eighth and Grand the Emerson 1000 Grand, One Santa Fe K2LA ( Korea-Town) Alder(Northridge), Ava Little Tokyo, Animo Pat Brown Charter High School. 

One Santa Fe is a swanky community of luxury apartments nestled in the historic Arts District. Lara Wessel not only lives at One Santa Fe, she has also been a YOTM client for two years. Wessel feels the yoga lessons have helped start friendships.

“I love doing yoga with my neighbors, there is a real sense of community and I encourage others in the building to come check it out and when they do, I get to know them better,” proclaimed Wessel. In addition, she gushed over her Yogi. “especially Hanna, who has been taking it over 20 years, on and off and she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. It’s because she’s so thorough and just a great teacher, I encourage all to come”. 
YOTM is also giving back to the community. 
Double Tree Hilton holds classes open to the public on Sundays at 9 am for $15 w/ Mimosa/ Bloody Mary or Juice.
“We are currently working with My Friend’s House Foundation L.A. offering a free class at the outreach center for the community as well as working with the local hospital to start yoga classes for cancer patients/ survivors and their families”.
Kang is extremely happy with the amenities her company offers and optimistic about the future, YOTM is constantly adding properties to their roster. ” Yoga makes my life bearable, and now there is no excuse for anyone to not practice yoga”!
To make an appointment visit: downtownyogi@yogisonthemove.com

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