Juice Crafters: Perfect Natural Remedy for the Modern Age

Did you know the body can survive quite a while without food? In fact, most people who suffer from starvation don’t die directly from it but because after days without nutrients, the body is simply too susceptible to infectious disease?

Located just South of 7th on Spring Street, is Juice Crafters, a family run operation overseen today by an avid vegan, and natural living aficionado.

David and his family, in less than a decade, have already managed to establish over 14 Juice Crafters in Southern California, with the Downtown location being their first. David’s grandmother owned a juicer catering to office workers for years before passing on her knowledge.

In homage, David has made it his mission to provide that knowledge and the means for Downtown to receive the gift of health by our Earth Mother.

Not with homemade concoctions or synthetic medicines with unforeseen side effects, but with good old fashion nature. Throw in rest, exercise, clean air, and water and it’s possible to recover from whatever ails you and prevent or counteract the harmful effects on your immune system that city life may bring.

Juicing is living. When consuming foods that are alive inside of freshly pressed or blended juices and smoothies, or those eaten raw or finely chopped, it simply takes less effort for the body to absorb and process the elements within – that is what leads to health.

Which fruits are best for you?

It’s entirely up to you! Some think it’s more beneficial that you partake in foods that are familiar to your indigenous land. David is on it! Being one of the first juicers in the area to introduce spirulina to his blends, which happens to be a great source of antioxidants and B-vitamins, it was also a main food source for the ancient Aztecs.

Inside Juice Crafters is an old fashioned lair of collected mementos. Old flags, telephones, lamps, and tin signs alongside shelves of wood and metal, stocked with the day’s variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Patrons pick from a long list menu varieties or they can “juice craft” their own, the way David’s grandmother would have allowed in the years when she was running the establishment. Juice Crafting is what makes the shop unique and there are plenty of  “add-ins” to choose from.

New to the menu, of “add-ins”, Maca joins healthy veterans; bee pollen, goji berries, turmeric, liquid light, golden berries, almond butter, chia seed and raw vegan plant protein.

If you’re feeling under the weather, Juice Crafters offers “wellness shots” with healthy doses of ginger and cayenne poured into shot glasses adorned with sliced fruit and tiny umbrellas to shield off viral infections and boost your energy levels.

Losing weight much?

Smoothies curve your appetite and are a splendid way, or should we say “blended” way, to make sure you get your 5 a day.

Açaí bowls are all the rage these days and for good reason. With the Brazilian Super Blend, you’ll enjoy Açaí from the amazon topped with almond granola, banana and strawberries and coconut flakes. There are other bowls, all of which will pick you up and never let you down.

There is a steady flow of traffic, customer based, as Juice Crafters is one of Downtown’s favorites, and first of its kind, but this is not just a business for David. It’s a life mission as he continues to import fresh fruits and vegetables daily from local farmers alongside other healthy, rare ingredients that may not be so well known, yet still, pack a healthy punch for the people of Downtown.

Juice Crafters and David are here to provide us with perfect natural remedies for the modern age.

Juice Crafters is located at 702 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014



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