Heisenberg: Love, Lies and Chess Timers

Center Theater Group 50th Season presents the Broadway production of Heisenberg, written by Simon Stephens, Directed by Mark Brokaw at the Mark Taper Forum. Heisenberg is a surprisingly delightful tale of love of two strangers; one who has spent a lifetime running away from love and the other who has spent a lifetime running into it.

No one really knows the truth about love, and probably never will if they have to rely on the words of “Georgie” played by Mary Louise Parker, who can’t seem to keep her mind on a solid thought unless it involves how and when she will find the ultimate love of her lifetime. Whether it be with a man or with an estranged son, Parker, who’s loveable character seems to teeter between eccentric, and maybe even borderline psychotic, seems to have spent a life time being completely avoided or abandoned by it, soon finds herself, in her middle-age, having no trouble telling a fib or two in her attempts to seduce her soon to be lover, an elderly man, 30 plus years her senior.

On the other side of a simplistically designed stage by Mark Wendland, consisting of only a couple of chairs and tables, and an occasional pillow, sits or stands, “Alex” played by Denis Arndt who unlike Parkers’ character is more than willing, to tell the truth, when it comes to love and his vulnerabilities, having the age and experience to know better than to rush into anything slightly familiar as the inevitable broken heart, losing a close loved one can bring.

Yet, Alex, in the end, relishes in the idea of having the affections of a younger woman, and sex again, eventually gives in as the two pair off in 5 acts, seamlessly divided by the choreography of Sam Pinkerton; a quick rearrangement of tables and chairs, a few props, wardrobe add-ons and the sound of a what could be equated to a chess clock ringer which begins another competing round of conversations which span the course of the next 6 weeks. Whether in a train station, on the date or under the covers they discover their opposites more than attract, as Alex decides to finally take the plunge whatever the cost and fall in love with Georgie, and Georgie finally finding a man crazy enough to pass every test.

Costume design by Michael Krass, lighting by Austin R. Smith, sound by David Van Tieghem, Heisenberg plays now through August 6th. For tickets visit


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