Sunday, September 10th, NerdPins is teaming up with BB-CRE.8 to host a pin pop-up show at Angel City Brewery.  The show, called Pins & Pints, will feature over 40 pin companies and artists and the first 150 people will get a free pin.  There will also be food trucks, giveaways, and of course, a lot of people who really like pins.  Most people are fans of pins are especially if they represent something that they are into.

With plans to continue to pay homage to culture with their entire line of products, the future is bright for NerdPins.  Local artist and the brains behind NerdPins, Joe VanDyke, creates eye-catching pins that are more like wearable art.  NerdPins has over 130 different kinds of pins in the collection.  One can see notable characters from movies, musicians, and basically stuff that VanDyke and other nerds might be into.

Being mentioned on BuzzFeed and gaining almost 10k Instagram followers in a short ten months, NerdPins is getting a lot of attention.  VanDyke says that getting through initial “worries and fears and taking the steps to grow” was a challenge.  Yet it has paid off in the connections he has made and all of the fun along the way.

Nerds Are Cool

Some of the most successful and destructive human endeavors have been at the hands of nerds.  The government has a bunch of nerds sitting in a room right now studying something.  To nerd-out on something is to really know a lot about something random or go on and on about or study intensely.  Words hurt but nerd doesn’t anymore.

That being said, NerdPins’ name gives clue to the subject portrayed on the pins.  Scanning the Etsy page will give you glimpses from favorite movies with different takes on some memorable characters. There are pins that you will not relate to which is great because it is an opportunity to learn something new.  At around ten bucks per pin, the size is pretty big with brilliant color and craftsmanship.

Revenge of the NerdPins

Pins are a great conversation starter and can reveal a lot about the personality of the person dawning them.  It makes complete sense that there has been a surge in this type of pop-up event.  There is a demand for community among pin fans.  Clothes are the only place for pins!  You can make a statement on bags, a cork board at home, or use them as currency.

NerdPins is all about expression and fun and according to VanDyke, “It’s an inclusive spirit with collaborations and shows with other artists happening as much as possible.”  He draws and creates new pins when not shipping out orders.  With such a wide variety of pins, nerds of types are proudly sporting their interests on their sleeves, literally.

Nerd Chic

Nerds of old would dress the part with pocket protectors, tucked in button downs or wide brim glasses.  Today’s nerds are revered and have the money to afford all kinds of cool threads.  NerdPins are an example of a nerd identifier that lets people know what you nerd-out on.  Maybe you like cartoons, video games, or various movies, NerdPins will help you express yourself.

Pin culture is a scene in and of itself and is worthy of your attention.  Manufacturers of all types can be found no matter your preferences.  They go great with any outfit and are great for making a statement.

Be sure to check out this amazing pop-up show at Angel City Brewery this Sunday from 12pm-6pm in the Arts District behind 216 Alameda St in DTLA.  If you only go to one pin pop-up show this season, make it this one!