DTLA MakeOver: I Love Fashion

Nadeerah Faquir celebrated this year’s Fall LA Fashion Week at her store, I Love Fashion, on Spring Street with the launch of her new line which promises versatile looks with a boxed set of essential items every woman’s needs, aka, “the basics”. She says they can take any woman from casual to dressy with just the right combination.

Fine fabric T-shirts, undershirts, and V-necks, the essential set, you’re always going to want to reach for that can be worn great with denim, in layers, intermixed or under blazers. Originally from the West Side, Nadeerah’s experience stems from working with high-end brands catering to women with enough money to acquire them, but her best attribute is being able to help others find their way around the fashion maze on any budget.

Nadeerah says she came to a place in Downtown at a time when there wasn’t really a lot of fashion options for regular people who just needed regular clothes. Five years later, I Love Fashion has become a fashion heaven for returning clients who love fashion and love what I Love Fashion has to offer.

The looks are described by Nadeerah as a street style classic ready for work. “Things are changing in the fashion industry, you don’t have to be so stiff, you can intermix looks, like sweatpants with a button up shirt, as long as they are body conscious they can be worn in the office.”

She’s also releasing “I Love Fashion’s casual sweat suit collection with all of her pieces locally sourced and prints from the DT. Nadeerah’s dress line is also debuting this fashion week, featuring cocktail wear you can show off at any occasion. Whether at the office, or the wedding, I Love Fashion has designed a multifunctional wardrobe for your multifunctional lifestyle, easy on the budget, with plenty of items to stock up on. Putting your full look together, it’s about what is good for you. For more information visit: www.ilovefashionla.com


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