DTLA has a lot to look forward to thanks to international marketing guru turned executive producer of LA Fashion Week, Arthur Chipman. After just a few years, Chipman has managed to rise above any major difficulties, filling the void that was left from less organized versions, turning LA Fashion Week towards a more consistent conversation within the fashion industry’s largest networking event, as it was originally meant to be.

While attempts by other organizations to reorganize LA Fashion Week under one brand had led to LA having less than a desirable reputation, ultimately it would be Chipman who would lead the new discovery and tie the world together under a solid brand with the biggest names in the fashion industry. Those of whom would only relate to a high level of integrity now find themselves involved in a much more reputable event that Los Angeles can fall back on, with even Mayor Garcetti giving Chipman his stamp of approval.

LA Fashion Week is no longer a crazy mix of anyone or anything, but a structured time coexisting with Market Week, when LA host the most retail buyers, media, and key decision makers who descend on our city experiencing the newest collections, designs, and trends. This is no party, although opening and after parties abound, instead, in this more mature version, brands both old and new are put in front of the eyes of the elites who have the most influence in the industry. LA Fashion Week is now the most intense promotional driver and a huge opportunity to share our fashion design talents with the world.

His British accent still intact and with a million dollar smile that compliments any of the designer wares that must fill his closet space, Arthur Chipman has almost single-handedly, not withholding the members of his team, reestablished a new respect for Los Angeles Fashion Week which is proven time and time again by a multitude of high powered brands, numerous crowds who attend, hundreds of amazing talents, countless PR agents, multiple photographers, dozens of famous celebrities and hordes of media allies who faithfully flock to his production each season.

Arthur Chipman: International man of mystery. Born in the Caribbean, later moving to Britain, Arthur is a man of Commonwealth citizenship. This year he will be showcasing over 20 established brands that capture the meaning of innovation, creativity and offer us all a chance to witness the industries true diversity. His list of curated designers, they too being international travelers, carry with them the seeds of our existence bringing to Los Angeles something exciting, unique and noteworthy that Arthur promises we won’t see anywhere else.

From Downtown’s George Stiller and his amazing embellished knit wares to the incredible Tommy Amiyo whose fashion brand focuses on creating wearable experimental objects, all the designers in Arthur’s production bring to LA Fashion Week something no less than phenomenal.  Arthur Chipman says he has no problem relaying their message with complete and utter confidence,

“I would put these brands up against anyone in Paris or from any other city. We are very excited most in knowing attendees are going to get a taste of something they’ve never been exposed to before.”

And how do these designers come up with their wondrous creations? Well, that’s the thing about fashion and why their brilliance is so celebrated and their presence revered in our lives. Their dedication to their craft and the sacrifices they make to ensure we all look fabulous for any occasion continues to drive the industry and give us all something to talk about. And how do they reach Chipman? With drive, talent, persistence, support from those in the industry, welcomed solicitations and with a little luck. And for LA Fashion Week most of these amazing creatives have spent the better part of the year designing only to wow spectators on the runway in under 20 minutes or less. Yet, with great sacrifice comes great reward.

Downtown’s Hotel Alexandria is now transformed into a fashion wonderland with interior design, makeup stands, vanity mirrors, full bars, runways, styled seating, DJs, photo backdrops, and hundreds of attendees all looking their absolute best. Not only will this season’s LA Fashion Week host fashion, but performance art and art installations as well, thanks to artists like Radka Salcmannova, Rolland Berry, and Bryan Yazzi. Be on the lookout for their creations as they embellish and embrace the interior of the classic hotel once again a luxury commodity built at the beginning 20th century in what is undoubtedly still the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Arthur says he chose to take over the entire Hotel Alexandria using the two main ballrooms for runway shows and the remodeled Mezzanine because he felt the venue to be a beautiful hidden gem after reading about it in Vogue Magazine.

LA Fashion Week attendance is by invitation only now within the Hotel Alexandria known for its grandeur as well as its ghost tales. However, these ghosts better dress nice or else they won’t get in.

DTLA Weekly is proud to present in conjunction with LA Fashion Week, Arthur Chipman’s curated list of designers and fashion show schedule being held October 4th – 8th at the historic and fully renovated Hotel Alexandria in Downtown Los Angeles.

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