DTLA resident Jason Trevor Miller aka Redux Saints was trying to figure a way to expand his electronic music label Krafted Underground in the Los Angeles area and came up with the idea to create a compilation comprised of local producers while leveraging their existing fan bases. Now, after months of development and planning, Deep Tech Los Angeles (DTLA) is ready to launch. But it’s not another compilation of strangers.

What makes this collective different was Miller’s decision to host multiple listening sessions where each producer could critique one another’s music.  Together, forever cased inside their limitless talents, within our flourishing electronic music scene, they are rightfully being praised as part of the metamorphism that is taking place in downtown Los Angeles – from its underdeveloped urban landscape to its thriving metropolis.

Past experiences, like these while attending the Toolroom Academy programme in the UK, where he became its first US graduate, would find Miller behind the scenes of video and listening sessions before. This time he would take a more active role as producer creating and scheduling the compilation to be released on October 20th of this year.

With the Deep Tech Los Angeles Vol. 1 release party scheduled in Hollywood on October 8th, Miller’s goal is to create a sustained brand for events and future compilations.  He is already planning Volume 2’s compilation for release in February prior to Miami Music Week. Miller’s new collective of underground house producers from Los Angeles, all striving to build a grassroots movement of music and events is rapidly evolving presenting us all with exclusive, new and original material. Released on Krafted Underground, DTLA Vol1 features JJ Flores, Mr. Bootsauce, Lok N Key, Redux Saints, Shanto, Contessa, Andy Slate, P-LASK alongside newcomers 28mm and Thomas Garcia.  For more information visit


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