DJ MOIST: Keeping Monday Nights Hotter than Most

Looking to dance to your favorite old school hip-hop and r&b hits, or wondering what DTLA has to offer on a Monday night?  Well, look no further. With no cover early on and all night drink specials, DJ Moist hosts a weekly party at La Cita on Hill Street that stays jammed packed, accomplishing what so many other venues can only dream of… A packed house on an off night.

The dimly lit red lights and classic interior of La Cita can transport you to some other time completely. And at La Cita, it doesn’t matter if you dance the night away or are scared to even look at a dance floor.  There is no worries and all grooves.

Waiting around a DTLA bar at 10 pm on a Monday night can feel like time is at a slower pace.  Yet DTLA isn’t a ghost town anymore and even on a school night, the party starts late.  As it was, DJ Moist was assured that things would get going around 11 pm.  He was excited about his weekly Moist Mondays and was persistent in offering drink tickets.  “Even if you don’t drink, maybe you can give a drink to someone you meet,”  he said.

And he was right because there was plenty of people to meet and greet.  Folks trickled into the bar in twos and threes, seemingly eager to cut a rug to hits from the 90s and early 00s.  The speaker system at La Cita is tuned to memorable quality.  It’s not too loud that you can’t whisper to a loved one but loud enough to drown out inhibitions.

Also, there was an appearance by Nikki Leathers.  Her GoGo Boogie dancing sets the tone for the party.  It’s all fun and games until Leathers graces the stage.  At La Cita, the low ceiling stage is basically part of the dance floor, so everybody shines.  But when Nikki gets up to do her thing, it’s best to get out of the way.

After the Party, It’s the After Party

In this world, the DJ assists in the mating rituals of the youth.  Feelings and memories from classic hits can make it easier to let go and have fun.  DJ Moist facilities the orchestra of arrangements to make nights like this happen.  Producing a weekly club night takes commitment and sacrifice.  With a lineup of hits from Notorious BIG followed by TLC’s ‘Creep’, patrons continually allowed it all to hang out.  Obviously, they appreciate everything that Moist is doing.

La Cita makes a great venue for this kind of event.  La Cita whispers the past and shouts the future of Downtown for anyone who enjoys a bit of history accompanied by a stiff shot and a chance to make new friends. Over the years La Cita has seen many faces and has made many changes yet the past is evident by its original brass railings, old school vinyl booth seating, and untroubled dark ruby red tiles.   

  There is a spacious patio outside with another bar and plenty of seating and few TVs with old videos or sports if this is the thing that amuses you.  You will notice the main bar tuning in to programming that fits the theme of the night.  DJ Moist features guest performances including stand up comedy in between songs.  He is also a host of La Cita’s Throwback Thursday and more!

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