Tucked in the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo, a children’s boutique is bridging the gap between Japan and DTLA. With direct partnerships inJapan, Monkey Pants owner Mychaela Hardy has been giving customers more access to quality, limited-edition pieces while forming strong bonds with her overseas partners. These bonds have made a very strong impact on her brand’s success. With online sales and sales from the shop here in DTLA, Monkey Pants’ reach has stretched across the US and around the world as Hardy successfully creates a uniquely curated store of styled wardrobe essentials for our dearest.

We’ve all heard the saying that the clothes make the man. Well, the clothes make the kid, too. For five years now, parents have been turning to Monkey Pants to keep their kids looking fresh. Sure, kids are dirty and they grow really quickly. But they deserve to look great while creating a mess, even if it’s just for a short time. Let’s face it: Today’s kids need bold clothing to match their dynamic personalities. At Monkey Pants, you’ll find a funky aesthetic, and shopping is a fun experience surrounded by colorful “sunrise hoodies”, baby chef pants, fuzzy embroidered “critter socks”, vintage-inspired toys, Monchhichis, and a lot of other tiny clothes for your mini Harajuku in the making. Special accessories, like the coveted Pusheen collection for one, are particularly darling and top-selling favorites. Beyond quality craftsmanship, Japanese goods have aesthetic flair that is very appealing, all wrapped in a great big hug from Nippon, a culture that has found its place in the heart of many Americans for decades.

Monkey Pants is proof that we can pass this love on to our kids. There’s a little something special about the lines of clothing at Monkey Pants, every pun intended, as customers have found a niche selection at the local downtown shop. Customer feedback says it all. Parents regularly tell Hardy that Monkey Pants clothes are their kids’ favorite thing to wear, and older kids and teens appreciate the key chains and other quirky accessories that have long been the rave in Japan. For every kid and kid at heart, customers have come to love the eclectic mix of kiddy fashions and quirky goods brought to us from the land of the rising sun via Monkey Pants.

We all make sacrifices for fashion. And with kids’ fashion, we sacrifice everything for cuteness! “If the clothes in the shop bring a smile to someone’s face,” says Hardy, “then
the essence of me and why I enjoy my work has been successfully transmitted!” Clothing, toys, and other things end up living with us for a long time, so you might as well get cool stuff! And if you didn’t know already, Japan creates some of the coolest stuff around. Monkey Pants is located at 131 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los AngelesCA 90012213-