The Return Of Beverly Hills Hosiery

Beverly Hills Hosiery has been an intimate, vibrant, friendly constant in the ever-evolving fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles since 1934. When the community found out that owner, Steve Tour, was planning to close up shop and retire last spring, shock and sentimentality resonated with the diverse client base he and his family have catered to over the years.

Performers, churchgoers, industry insiders, designers, costume savants, drag extraordinaire, gift-buying significant others, photographers, models, the everyday DTLA resident, and just about anyone who celebrates Halloween found their way into Beverly Hills Hosiery at some point.

Would this be the first Halloween that Beverly Hills Hosiery wasn’t the go-to shop for costumes? Was this the nail in the retail coffin that DTLA business owners have worked hard to avoid?

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Decidedly not, thanks to three local, creative entrepreneurs, also longtime Beverly Hills Hosiery customers, who decided to buy the business. The spirited, young team decided to kick off an edgy, more contemporary chapter in the Beverly Hills Hosiery legacy with an entirely new aesthetic, embodying their tagline: ‘Stay Glamorous. Be Irreverent.’

“We want our store to embody the vibrant nature of the majority of our clientele and reflect the raw, innovative attitude of our community. We were inspired to offer a range of unique lingerie and hosiery pieces at various price points to appeal to every and any individual who walks through our doors,” they explain with passionate, earnest enthusiasm.

One thing is certain; the store is dramatically different from Steve’s completely product-packed shop. It is lavender and slate, with a range of intimates, accessories, and costumes from large and independent designers—some local to DTLA. And true to their word, there are bralettes, hosiery and gifts for under $20. There are installations that include a set-dressed vanity (all the items are available to purchase), a word cloud with empowering, whimsical words (like siren, tease, snuggle, cute, twirl, whisper) and the overall vibe is energetic and personal. They are in the process of building an e-commerce presence so customers can shop online.

With change, can come skepticism, but Steve who was the first employee they hired, is confident in the proprietors and their vision. He explains, “The new owners are honest, sensitive, caring people who are similar to myself. They are going to treat my former, and their new customers with an equal amount of respect. I know they are invested in downtown. They get the same enjoyment I did out of meeting people from different walks of life.”

In just a few short weeks, they are winning over their own customer base with their dedication to special orders and carrying many of the same items Steve did. (Hint: If you follow them on Instagram @beverlyhillshosiery they will give you 10% off and access to secret discounts and giveaways.)

“I built not just my lingerie wardrobe, but my burlesque career in Beverly Hills Hosiery. When I heard it was closing, I was not just sad but panicked,” explains longtime customer, Ginger Lee Belle, a Burlesque performer, instructor, and producer with Hells Belles Burlesque, Lolitas Burlesque, and Cherry Poppins Caburlesque. “What I could never have expected was how incredibly gorgeous the store is, the feeling you get when you walk in, and the adorable selections they have added. It’s Disneyland for lingerie lovers. The new owners, store, and selection is not just going to inspire new burlesque routines, it will inspire a whole new lingerie-loving generation. It’s not just a store anymore, it’s an experience.”

Beverly Hills Hosiery is located directly across from the old store at 810 S. Los Angeles, on the corner of 8th and Los Angeles street. Halloween is in full swing at the store (think vintage batgirl, to jack-o-lantern tights, playboy bunny costumes, and unique steampunk masks) and they will be open for extended hours through the month of October. Check back to for the forthcoming online store.


Yup, you guessed it. It's me Keri Freeman, publisher and concept designer for Downtown Weekly. Living, working and playing in Downtown coming from an entertainment background...I discovered something about myself. I discovered I really liked sharing my knowledge of DTLA and its awesome hospitality movement. Also in doing so I have the great pleasure of working with incredible sponsors (who believe in the vision), extraordinary literary artists, photographers, event coordinators and many talented artists and musicians who inspire me every day to keep the DTLA Weekly going. Also, it would seem I'm the only woman of color to publish a newspaper here in over 100 years, so hopefully that inspires some future generations as well....Just remember if its can't be work....Thank you, people of Gaia, for your continued support and thank you for reading!