Sparkl Fairy Couture: The Source of DTLA’s Fashion Magic

Downtown is all about magic, and no one has been able to capture this as much as G SPARKL of Sparkl Fairy Couture. Originally from Hawaii, Gabi only started designing about 3 years ago and has since mastered the future of fashion for fairies, mermaids, and unicorns alike. Style is the primary focus at Sparkl Fairy Couture, but this unique brand expands into the realm of artistic creation, custom events, VR and the most anticipated VIP experience. It’s a lifestyle. 

What Gabi has accomplished on her own as a 21-year-old is impressive, to say the least. She’s created a Sparkl-filled land of holographic dreams allowing fairies to come shop, create and work with her one-on-one while exploring the limits of their imaginations. This is the Sparkl Palace, where Gabi lives and works and hosts secret events for the LA’s most exclusive artists. Gabi wants all of us to know that we can do anything we set our minds to and she is a shining example of that. “We can change it up and inspire each other to follow our dreams and turn them into reality. I’m all about helping people find confidence within themselves, giving credit to everyone for what they do.”

“I like taking the ordinary, and making it extraordinary”

At 17 Gabi came to the big city to pursue her fashion career which started as a design assistant at Revelry, an event production company which creates extravagant events. While at Revelry, she used the experience she gained to launch “Iwalani”, which means “heavenly bird” in Hawaiian. This catapulted her magical fairy journey, unleashing her uniquely iridescent creations as part of her Sparkl Fairy lifestyle as a designer and artist.

Selling her wears on Venice beach boardwalk she was quickly discovered by the creators of Beauty Con who invited her to showcase her current brand, Sparkl, where she began meeting all of the right people. Round2 DTLA was the first boutique she sold in the DT, with designs we all fell head over heels for. She soon expanded to boutiques all around LA creating the trickle effect every young designer dreams of. Today, she’s well known and already spreading her Sparkl lifestyle worldwide. Always with new designs in process, she’s worked with Paris Hilton, YRU Shoes, Dolls Kill (one of their first wholesalers), Vanessa Hudson and a long list of social media influencers and bloggers.

Now Gabi is working with jewelry manufacturers and making her own settings with crystals, tiaras, necklaces, and purses. All custom metallics and shimmery Sparkls. All original. Across the skyline from the Sparkl Palace is Sparkl Factory, a manufacturing facility producing different levels of high-end couture fashion. Sparkle Fairy Fabrics are locally sourced and manufactured in the DT and are the foundation of a new collection with Rita Lux, who designs all of these unique prints. Together, Rita and Gabi are also planning a mini-series fairy tale show called Sparkl Now.

Good things are always on the horizon as Sparkl is expanding globally to Australia, Japan, and the UK. Sparkl currently shines brightest throughout the internet blogger culture here in LA and will soon have a home in the VR realm where an entire Sparkl world is being created. Gabi’s goal is for all of us to be able to experience her vision and interact together so we can all be connected. Soon our little sprite will be taking a trip to France to finish the VR filming, a revolutionary new system with 176 cameras, it’s the first of its kind. When this is complete, you’ll never have to leave the Sparkl Palace with its crew of fairy princesses dancing, interacting and walking the catwalk. Visit for more info.


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