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CoffeeCon 2017 Comes to DTLA

CoffeeCon.  A phrase, frankly, that conjures up an image of little, old ladies sitting around sipping coffee from porcelain cups, while nibbling on coffee cake.  But it’s not, of course. A little history provides perspective.  The word “coffee” originated in the Middle East, where it was first spelled as chaoua, cauwa,

Monuments in Time: Angel’s Flight

During a recent filming of La La Land, Olivet and Sinai, once Downtown’s favorite couple and long-time workers of Angel’s Flight were finally back working together again. If only briefly, as LA’s near vertical funicular re-opened for a single day to accommodate the filming of the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone,

Top 10 Downtown L.A. Tours

Downtown L.A. is booming. with a lot more than just skyscrapers to look at these days. There’s a delightful quixotic atmosphere about the DT and tons of stuff to do. For those who haven’t been here, DTLA Weekly offers the following tour guide suggestions. Esotouric’s Secret Los Angeles Esotouric is “not your

DTLA Naughty & Nice: LaTres Lingerie

LaTres Lingerie, located in downtown Los Angeles, is the brainchild of Marcilla Hayslett.  Upon entering LaTres Lingerie, you find yourself in a different world.  A world where what’s underneath is what it’sn all about.  Laces and frills, lounge wear, bottoms, bras, leg wear and swim wear.  Collectively, it’s simply called