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DTLA WEEKLY’s Top 10 Picks for Cinco De Mayo Parties

UNO - Cinco De Mayan at Lucha Vavoom!!! No holds barred, hands down, Lucha Vavoom is DTLAs number one Cinco De Mayo Celebration for the over 21 crowd. Why? Where do we start? How about the line? What’s that? Why, it’s a convoy of low riders in mint condition. And who’s getting

10 Great Places for Sweet Desserts in DTLA

Somebody call the dentist because DTLA just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! From Chinatown to South Park, here are just a few of Downtown Weekly’s sweetest toothpicks...all guaranteed to satisfy the most stubborn of sweettooths. Lol...We are FLOSS’n! Ice Cream is the NEW BLACK at Little Damage Once a worn-out corner store,

Top 10 Downtown L.A. Tours

Downtown L.A. is booming. with a lot more than just skyscrapers to look at these days. There’s a delightful quixotic atmosphere about the DT and tons of stuff to do. For those who haven’t been here, DTLA Weekly offers the following tour guide suggestions. Esotouric’s Secret Los Angeles Esotouric is “not your

10 Great Places for Yoga In DTLA

Whether you’re just visiting or you're a Downtown resident, finding the perfect place to workout in a busy city can be a challenge. When it comes to yoga, that might be especially true since a dedicated student is usually in search of developing a deeper connection to the studio, fellow

10 Great Places for Theater Performances in DTLA

Nothing can compare to the grandeur of Downtown’s most memorial theatrical performances, encased within Historical landmarks, brought to the stage by some of the world’s most renown performers. From classical productions of Shakespeare to modern day musicals, DTLA has it all. Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater Bob Baker and partner Alton Wood turned

10 Great Places to Visit in Chinatown

Chinatown is nestled a stone’s throw away from historic Olvera Street, and is a small, rich, vibrant, and dense neighborhood full of food, culture, and other hidden gems.  Check out these 10 Great Places to Visit in Chinatown.   Saigon Plaza Saigon Plaza offers housewares, purses, sunglasses, backpacks, hats, dresses, jackets, name


It's Official, Downtown LA is on Top! The only thing higher is you, especially after a few signature cocktails high above the city. Check out these 10 Great Places for Rooftop Cocktails in DTLA. 71 Above OUE’s 72-floor office building located nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown reigns supreme for having the bar


Downtown Los Angeles is chock-full of awesome places to get your groove on. Dance clubs here start at 18 and up. So whether you’re feeling the funk, twerking dat a**, shaking a leg, slow grinding, line dancing or dancing the watuzi, be sure to check out these 10 Great Places

10 Great Places: For Breathtaking Views of DTLA

It won’t be long before the Wilshire Grand Center on 7th and Figueroa is completed, taking the title of “tallest building on the West Coast” from the US Bank Tower constructed in the 1980s.  Acquired by the Singapore property group Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd (OUE) in 2013, for the time


Of course, this Downtown Art Walk, you'll probably hear about the usual Art Walk Lounge happenings, and it's tours, the fairy tale labyrinth of books at the Last Bookstore and the oh so, elegant findings at the Gloria Delson Contemporary, but be sure not to miss the politics, cultural diversity, delicious eats, celebrity artists, musical

10 Great Places to Experience “Gay Paree” in DTLA

The French have always wooed visitors with their reputation for high fashion and romantic encounters bathed in  love and romance.  But if you’re really familiar with French culture, you already know they take their food very seriously. Commonly known for serving the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing foods in the

10 Great Places to Trace History in DTLA

You can learn history lessons from Kindergarten to College, but if you ever want to actually explore the past up-close and personal, you’ll never have a better opportunity to broaden the scope of your understanding than you will when visiting any of the history museums of Downtown Los Angeles. Here