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Daily Dose Cafe

Sarkis Vartanian is the owner of the Daily Dose Café a local favorite serving only organic fares in Downtown’s most reserved region known as the Arts District. Sarkis, who is greeted by his gratified customers with a smile, hug or a handshake, when speaking of the cafe's success toggles between humility and


I’ll admit to being a bit out of the loop. I was not familiar with the makeshift taco stand on a desolate stretch of South Broadway.  Yes, it’s buzzing with activity during daylight, but in the wee after hours, it’s barren except for homeless folks with pushcarts.  In fact, I

Night Owl: Pacific Dining Car

Chief among food options for night owls in Downtown, the Pacific Dining Car is L.A.’s most iconic culinary institution. Open 24 hours, seven days a week, the dining car remains famous not only for its food, but also for its roles in several classic L.A. films like ‘Chinatown’, ‘L.A. Confidential’,

Kai Japanese Roots Opens on Broadway

These past two weeks have seen people walking by, peering into the windows of Kai Japanese Roots, as the new restaurant neared completion as if they had stumbled upon the unexpected, gazing and pointing out Kai’s most elegant features, the assortment of Edison lights, selectively placed over handcrafted Japanese cedar

Food Fight: War of the Wings; It’s Fight Night

War of the Wings’s time for the Main Event! At last week’s weigh-in, we saw our culinary pugilists face off for the very first time. On one side, POV Snack Shop, the scrappy welterweight hailing from Downtown’s Historic core, a hallowed training ground for so many legendary Food Fight champions.

Food Fight: War of the Wings

Does poultry excite you? Do chicken wings thrill you? Does your stomach growl gleefully as you imagine yourself devouring plate after plate of these mouth-watering morsels of finger-licking goodness? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’re eating the wrong wings. The good news is that DTLA abounds with

DTLA Vegan: Wild Living Foods

If you haven’t tried pumpkin seed chorizo, or seasoned almond and sunflower pate prepare for a rite of passage. With elements of walnut pesto, marinated kelp and sun dried tomato-coconut wraps, Wild Living Foods on 8th and Main is and innovative idea catering to a new tribe of people who are

The Authentic Taste of El Compadre

At El Compadre, individuals, couples, and groups become instant family. Founders David Castro and Mario Jimenez, wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, El Compadre means “head of the family” or Godfather, and its concept deliberately coincides with the fact that David and Mario are the Godfathers of each


One Year Ago, Eric Park totally revamped his specialty Banh mi HERO SHOP located at the Historic PE Lofts on 7th and Los Angeles. Today, instead of his delicious Bánh mì sandwich concept, when visiting his location, you choose from the highest quality Poké bowl combinations instead. The question is...Has