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Yogis on the Move: Yoga On Demand

Starting a new yoga class can be intimidating for anyone, especially practicing next to experienced yogis. Answer: Yogis On The Move. YOTM was founded by Jessica Kang in 2014, who returned from a pilgrimage teaching in Hong Kong and India. Hearkening back to a different era where doctors would make house

DTLA VEGAN: 5 Myths Busted

Are you that person worried about where vegans get protein? Do you think sometimes that eating only plant-based foods is crazy? Did you grow up drinking milk for strong bones, eating meat as a part of a regular diet, and thinking only carbs should be avoided? You may be surprised

DTLA Vegan: Wild Living Foods

If you haven’t tried pumpkin seed chorizo, or seasoned almond and sunflower pate prepare for a rite of passage. With elements of walnut pesto, marinated kelp and sun dried tomato-coconut wraps, Wild Living Foods on 8th and Main is and innovative idea catering to a new tribe of people who are

10 Great Places for Yoga In DTLA

Whether you’re just visiting or you're a Downtown resident, finding the perfect place to workout in a busy city can be a challenge. When it comes to yoga, that might be especially true since a dedicated student is usually in search of developing a deeper connection to the studio, fellow

DTLA Vegan: What Vegans Should Know

If you’ve been vegan for any length of time you’ve heard it all. “If you were stranded on an island would you kill an animal?” Or, “But, we’re carnivores.” And, “It’s manly to eat meat!” Ask any man and I’m sure he’ll say that erectile dysfunction isn’t very manly, right? But,

DTLA NAUGHTY & NICE: Sienna Sinclaire’s Naughty DTLA Empire

Naughty is the name of the game for sexy, sensual, unique, creative, diverse, intelligent, sexual life coach, author, and infamous adult film entrepreneur Sienna Sinclaire. She is unlike anyone else in the industry and suitably, “Naughty...” is the term Sienna has used to coin her numerous brands and excursions. Tonight, Downtown


Brought to you by The Animal Museum Beans, beans, the magical fruit the more you eat, the more wealthy you become! Well, it’s not quite the simple, but sort of.  Imagine eating as much as you want of whole foods while preventing and reversing the most common illnesses that are plaguing


Downtown Los Angeles is chock-full of awesome places to get your groove on. Dance clubs here start at 18 and up. So whether you’re feeling the funk, twerking dat a**, shaking a leg, slow grinding, line dancing or dancing the watuzi, be sure to check out these 10 Great Places


It's every biker for himself as families glide down the streets of Downtown passing historical landmarks; which include some of the most interesting architectural wonders Downtown has to offer. Interactive games, historic tours, and live entertainment are all part of this semi self guided bike tour, that keeps growing and growing

Setting Downtown in Motion: Downtown Dance & Movement

Downtown Los Angeles from two to three years ago hardly seemed liked the ideal host for Angelenos’ growing appetite for health and fitness. Fast forward to today’s frenzied downtown environment--Spin, Yoga, Crossfit, Martial Arts, and all its glamorous new-age fitness counterparts have taken up residence. Amidst the more commercialized fitness

GUNS N MOTHERS AT Skid Row History Museum & Archive

Guns and Mothers

Los Angeles Poverty Department is pleased to announce the screening of the documentary “Guns and Mothers”, followed by a group discussion about the history and effects of gun violence in viewers’ communities, on Friday, September 9th, at 7:00pm at the Skid Row History Museum & Archive. Directed by Thom Powers the film's running time