New Film Makers Opens in Downtown

Founded in 2007, by visionary Larry Loboe, NFMLA has established itself as a strong gathering place for independent cinema screening 750+ films from over 43 countries. NFMLA boasts over 20,000 supporters in the Los Angeles community! In addition to fostering the advancement of new filmmakers and its members in Los Angeles, NFMLA’s objective is to promote the economic, educational, social, and cultural advancement of filmmaking, arts and culture.

The monthly festival provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their accomplishments, gain exposure to new audiences, and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition, and representation.

NFMLA was chosen as one of the ‘top 50 festivals worth the entry fee’ by MovieMaker Magazine. The NFMLA festival is hosted at the AT&T Center in Downtown Los Angeles with a 500 seat theater, complimentary parking for all guests and a newly upgraded cinema lounge.

AT&T Center boasts some of the world’s most modern and prolific architecture, and breath-taking views of Downtown Los Angeles that are destined to give NFMLA festival attendees a true Los Angeles premiere experience. AT&T Center has played host to many high profile entertainment related events, such as the premiere of “House of Lies” featuring John Lawson, Ben Swartz, Don Cheadle, and Kristen Bell, and Spike Lee’s “Passing Strange: The Movie”.

NFMLA is holding the next event on Saturday, July 20th 2013.  FMLA is holding the next event on Saturday, July 20th 2013. For more info visit