They Don’t Call it the Mean Streets For Nothing

They don’t call it the
Mean Streets for nothing.
If you ever wondered how  body builders get so big, with those bulging veins that wrap their muscles, you’re welcomed to take a free 3 day class to find out first hand. Or if you’re already familiar with the  popular CrossFit way to get in shape, build flexibility and strength  you can join a CrossFit team on Main and regularly partake in thier dynamic sport and fitness Workout of the Day (WODs).

CrossFits in “the box” workout is based on the world wide model utilizing nine foundation moves—air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, dead-lift, sumo dead-lift high pull and medicine ball clean.

CrossFit classes usually begin with dynamic warm-ups, a transition to a WOD, and finish with a cool down. The CrossFit programs are taught by the popular trainers and bodybuilders who compete regularly in body building, weightlifting and other ultimate stregth and endurance competitions.

The draw of CrossFit is it’s intensely passionate community who think of the grouped regimens as more of a sports team rather than just in a workout class.
With over 9000 CrossFit gyms around the country, some CrossFit members are looking forward to the Annual Reebok CrossFit Games at StubHub Center in Carson, CA on Friday, Jul 25, 2014.  the competition, with 100 of the fittest men and woman in the world, is a true test of strength and endurance affording the male and female winners huge awards in cash and prizes.
With two locations in downtown CrossFit Smiley and CrossFit Mean Street are fully equipped to offer you a CrossFit workout easily tailored to your  fitness level and get you ready for any competition imaginable. FMI:LAHFGYM.COM