Looking Good with Curt Darling

Named by Councilman Jose Huizar as June’s Downtown Business of the month and celebrating a year’s plus accomplishments on Main Street, Curt Darling is no stranger to success when it comes to his career in the style industry.
The Emmy® award winning hair stylist and industry pioneer Curt Darling has worked with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Jodie Foster, Sally Field, Tom Cruise and the cushion-lipped rock ‘n’ roll highness himself, Mick Jagger.

Impressive indeed, but what Curt Darling Salon brings to DTLA is more than just an intimidating resume; his salon offers respite, an oasis, a place within the madness to escape the madness by way of a minimalistic physical environment, an array of high quality organic herb-based hair products, a sculpture-oriented hair cut, all presented by a team of award-winning and relentlessly trained hair designers.  And of course it will be the only place in the world one can receive the Curt Darling signature

Darling DryCut™
is a highly innovative yet very simple approach to hair cutting that engages and responds to the idiosyncratic characteristics of each client’s hair (i.e. natural scalp contours, cowlicks and hair texture) by beginning and ending the cut in a dry natural state.

When it comes to style and grace, Curts Darling Salon has already gained national attention with launch of advanced cutting academy where every week hairstylists are flocking from Moscow to Miami to learn the unique Darling DryCut™ technique.Darling
Despite his busy schedule, celebrity status and daily efforts, Curt Darling finds the time to give with an open heart to the less fortunate, still receiving thank you letter from Downtown Women’s Group for their make over field trip on June 7th.
The 2nd Annual  Darling Salon Hair Show at Curt’s salon June 12th, will explore a futuristic warrior theme featuring a collaboration of downtown artists, videography and photography. A raffle will be held to benefit the Downtown Women’s Center featuring Curt’s salon services and organic beauty products.