TABACHINES COCINA: Taste the Passion

Imagine the perfect bite: created to fulfill the soul with complimenting textures, harmonized flavors, and visual beauty.

The Torre de Tostada is exactly that. Five layers containing impeccably seasoned black beans, vibrant guacamole, fresh papas con chorizo, creamy requeson and juicy chicken tinga.

Tabachines Cocina, on 5th and Spring Street, has something healthy and delectable you can eat every day.  And according to Director of Operations and wine enthusiast, Samuel Aguilar, people do.

To compliment the course, Aguilar suggests the Sauvignon Blanc by Merry Edwards. Its delicate fragrance of jasmine, honeysuckle, and cherry blossoms, along with blood orange and lime zest is the perfect escort for this dish.

As Bossa Nova plays in the background, the flavors and atmosphere bring a smile to one’s face. You quickly realize that you have found one of the most delicious dishes you will ever savor and the best part is that it’s so close to home.

The vision for Tabachines Cocina was inspired by a 30-year friendship of business partners Consuelo Alvarado and Executive Chef Patricia Zarate.  Frustrated with what Mexican food had become, the two found a unique opportunity to introduce Mexican food from their childhood to the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles. To bring their vision to life, Lynn Kegan, of Restaurant Impossible, designed and constructed the restaurant.

Originally from Guadalajara, which is quickly becoming one of the world’s most pursued gastronomical meccas, Chef Zarate’s mouthwatering menu bridges multi-region with hometown inspiration.

The Seasonal lunch menu changes daily. The four-course meal they call Comida Corrida (food on the go) includes your choice of salads, wholesome soups, rice or pasta, as well as a selection of entree proteins with crisp vegetables and refreshing fruit to finish.

Dinner service includes the acclaimed favorites: the Torta Ahogada with carnitas and jalapeño aioli, topped with fresh arugula; the Carne en Su Jugo comes served with freshly made beans, bacon, avocado and green onion. In keeping with seasonally fresh ingredients, Chef Zarate is excited to announce Chile en Nogada to her fall menu, inspired by dishes only found in certain parts of Mexico. This traditional dish includes finely chopped walnuts, winter fruits and is crowned with pomegranate seeds, all the makings of a local favorite.

Many will be pleased to know catering services are also available.

Always fresh and innovative, Tabachines Cocina is proud to ignite the fire of downtown’s passions with hospitality, community and healthy cuisine.