SWEET SUMMER SWEAT: HotBox Infrared Sauna Studio

What’s the best way to cool down this summer? Imagine a place where you can refresh the body, invigorate the spirit and relieve stress and tension.  Turquoise waters and a white sandy beach may come to mind, but we’re thinking of someplace closer to home.   A place where you can boost your immune system, detoxify, calm nerves, clarify skin tone, burn calories, improve sleep, relieve muscle and joint pain, and so much more.  You may sweat, but it will be in the comfort of a private suite for 40 minutes of unadulterated “you time.”

HotBox Sauna Studio will change everything you thought you knew about health, fitness and dry saunas.   Developed in the 1970’s in Japan, company partner, and CEO Brian Cohen refers to the HotBox infrared sauna experience as “Healthy heat with breathable air.”  With a desire to create an experience that is both high-end and accessible while offering a myriad of health and psychological benefits, HotBox has already accrued a dedicated clientele of downtown professionals, athletes, artists and anyone who wants to look and feel better in less than an hour.

Upon entering the HotBox lobby, you are welcomed with industrial chic high-beam ceilings painted bright white for a feel that is more beachy than downtown.  Your first step will be the choice of chromotherapy color for your infrared session.  Purple for creativity, yellow to stimulate mental activity, pink to calm the senses, orange for energy, etc.  The bad news is you can only pick one color per session. I chose the green for balance.  Electrolyte-rich water and other goodies like aromatherapy oils and lotions are available for purchase before you are escorted to your private sauna suite.  After thorough instructions on what to do, you’re handed a cool face towel with essential oils for use during or after the session.  Now that the door is shut and you’re alone, it’s time for an exhilarating Vitamin C –rich shower (toiletries provided), intended to leave your skin glowing and the first step in the detox process.

The sauna itself comes equipped with a touch-screen entertainment unit with Netflix, Pandora and music selections.  Since there is zero humidity, you can also use your own device.  Or just unplug, lay back and zone out (highly recommended).  If you enjoy facial sheet masks, now is the time to treat your skin with those vital nutrients.   Immersed in near, mid and far infrared light, your body is able to absorb the entire spectrum of benefits.  You will also never feel uncomfortable nor is the heat intolerable.  The body is heated from the inside out and while you will break a sweat, the feeling is pleasurable and relaxing.   Once you have finally broken a sweat without lifting a finger, a series of non-invasive colored lights will flash signaling that your session is coming to an end.  It’s now time for another Vitamin C-rich shower before departing your suite.  Your skin feels smooth, muscles are relaxed and a smile decorates your blissfully calm face.  You burned a few hundred calories without even trying. Life is sweet when you sweat in style.

For your convenience, HotBox is open from 10am – 9pm daily and offers validated parking in the adjacent lot.


HotBox Sauna Studio

835 S. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 628- 3221