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DTLA Mayor: Shawn Suggs

Suave, stylish, urbane, and ceaselessly charismatic, Shawn Suggs is the living embodiment of the new DTLA. Effortlessly cool with just the right amount of swagger, he’s a one-man Rat Pack updated and repackaged for 21st-century Los Angeles living. He’s the cool kid you wish you knew and the man you

DTLA Naughty & Nice: LaTres Lingerie

LaTres Lingerie, located in downtown Los Angeles, is the brainchild of Marcilla Hayslett.  Upon entering LaTres Lingerie, you find yourself in a different world.  A world where what’s underneath is what it’sn all about.  Laces and frills, lounge wear, bottoms, bras, leg wear and swim wear.  Collectively, it’s simply called

Henry Duarte – Rock and Roll Masterpiece

Speaking with Henry Duarte about his accomplishments in the fashion industry is more like taking a crash course in music history. Back in the 80’s when Henry attended Otis College of Art and Design and later FIDM, (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) for him, it was all about securing a

Industry DTLA

Not limited to hanging pieces on blank and barren walls, art is an entity which isn’t looking for the acceptance of critics. Instead, art can be a moving, breathing and tangible being-formed by wisps of fresh-cut hair drifting to the floor, or by whimsical and graceful brushstrokes adorning eyelids. Each brushstroke,

Looking Good with Curt Darling

Named by Councilman Jose Huizar as June’s Downtown Business of the month and celebrating a year’s plus accomplishments on Main Street, Curt Darling is no stranger to success when it comes to his career in the style industry. The Emmy® award winning hair stylist and industry pioneer Curt Darling has worked


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By Susan Murphy Crimson Unicorn Tattoo Parlour is Dow ntown’s newest tattoo shop located at 122 E. 5th Street. With their large floor to ceiling windows it is easy to see why they have attained success so fast after being open only four and a half months thanks to the expertise

Introducing the Downtown Flea…

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Phillip Dane Productions is launching an inventive and unique weekend event this summer that brings together the elements of a block party, flea market, and food festival. Located in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles, Phillip Dane has christened it Downtown Flea. The four lot city marketplace will showcase


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The Monkey Train We recently dialed back our aesthetic enthusiasm for a downtown Las Vegas Shipping Container Park. Nothing personal, you understand. Just being practical regarding the look of a collection of shipping containers on an empty lot. But, a real visual stand-out in this unusual Downtown Vegas project is L.A.’s Bolt